Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wall Decals... everywhere!

The perks of owning your very own large format printer and the means to make your own wall decals? You start putting up stuff on your wall everywhere around the house! Hehe we are having lots of fun, plus it is good to test our products and make sure they look good on walls and are of the high quality we promised our customers.

"Home Sweet Home" word art cut on black vinyl placed just near our front entrance hallway right outside our production room.
Panda height chart! Looks AMAZING on our wall. Kids love it, and great use of little wall space outside Silver's bedroom.

Enoch's own little custom creation as a motivational reminder for us, placed right above our money making machines aka large format printer lol.
At the rate we are going, pretty soon every single wall space will be covered in some form of wall art... lol. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! xo Kim.


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