Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Just Start Somewhere... just do it.

See the face of that mom in the image above? She looks calm and under control. I just hope I maintain this calm, lol. It is so easy to pat myself on the back whenever I have good days... but knowing me, I am going to need a lot of contingency plans in place for self motivation purposes. I suppose the key is to be at a place in your life when you are settled and ready to take that leap of faith. Staying motivated is easier when you love what you do, and I am absolutely loving what I have been doing this past week.

The more I do my research and explore all areas of this business, and the possible challenges that lie ahead, the more invested I become. I am hungry for knowledge and excited by the challenge. We need to just start somewhere.. no matter how small, one step at a time and see how we go as we progress. We just need to start somewhere.

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