Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week 42: I Need To Stay Home and Do Laundry Tomorrow!

It's 6.30pm and Micah is already fast asleep. Suddenly I'm not too sure what to do with all this TIME in my hands! Actually, I do. I haven't blogged all week! Gee this week has gone so quickly. So much happened in this week alone, I'm not sure where to start.... *checks calendar to refresh memory*

First of all let me start with a weather update, lol. It got up to 28 degrees today with 40% humidity! That's really warm, so it was great to dress Micah up in T-shirt and shorts for a change! Unfortunately it will go back to being freezing cold this weekend. Oh well that's Melbourne!

I don't think we really did much on Monday... oh yes, we were in our own little world of oblivion, Micah and I, that we didn't even realise a house burglary happened right across the road from us during broad daylight!! Apparently the cops were on our street and all the neighbours were outside, and I didn't even realise.... people also knocked on our front door but I ignored those knocks because they are usually annoying salespeople that time in the middle of the day!! So that's a bit of drama.... which I completely missed out on, lol!

On Tuesday, I babysat my nephew Elijah for a short while. Micah seems to love having Elijah around. Leading up to Elijah coming over, he refused to go to sleep. Then he finally went to sleep leaving me with just enough time to go have a shower. Then Elijah arrived and Micah woke up. That was it. He had 40 minutes sleep all day. He fought and refused to sleep again that afternoon, so I just let him keep playing (he was happy anyway, not too grumpy unless there was something wrong e.g. pooey nappy or hungry) to tire himself out. 

The next day, we all went in my sister in law's car on a mini roadtrip to visit a friend of ours who lives 45 minutes away. It was great fun. I love how Micah is old enough now to really "hang out" with his cousins and interact with them, to an extend e.g. randomly touching, randomly stealing toys, randomly giggle at each other. It's so cute to watch!!

Later that night, I went out to dinner with friends from Mums Group. It was so good just to be out with the girls, have a yummy meal and a cocktail or two. Looking forward to having another Girls Night Out next Tuesday this time with friends from church. It'll be so much fun!!

Today, we went to Fountain Gate and I did a bit of shopping for baby stuff then had lunch at Secret Recipe (which was a bit crazy because lunch with kids gets a little bit crazy but I embraced the craziness!) and then went shopping again! I was actually quite surprised that Micah behaved so perfectly. I guess he was full from lunch so quite content to just sit quietly in his pram while I try out some new clothes and bought them!

SO, I haven't done any laundry all week and that's a big no no when you have children. It is piling up, and it is piling up fast. I need to stay home tomorrow and resist any temptation to go out (DON'T tempt me!) and just do the laundry! I am guessing there are about 3 loads of washing that needs to get done. I am not kidding, if I don't do the laundry tomorrow we will be in our dressing gowns all weekend. Hmm, which may not be a bad thing considering the weather will be depressing and cold again. Sounds rather comfy!

NO! Stop procrastinating, Kim and DO THE LAUNDRY!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Someone Else's Trash Is Our Treasure

A few weeks ago, as I was driving home from possibly shopping, I saw a little cubby house looking sad and lonely on the roadside outside our neighbour's house two houses away. I decided I'd stop to have a look, and it was a perfectly good cubby house! Yes, the paint has faded due to sun damage, and there are a few minor plastic cracks but nothing that would actually damage the structural integrity of the cubby house!

I looked around and wondered how I was going to get the cubby house to our house all by myself. It was a weekday, and Micah was in the car, and if I didn't act fast someone else would surely grab it! So I drove home and parked, and got Micah in his pram, and walked back over to the cubby house. I rang our neighbour's doorbell a few times, just to make sure they're OK with me taking it (and also to see if anyone was home to help me carry it) but no answer. I heard kids screaming in the house, but they probably did not want to answer the doorbell thinking I was a door-to-door salesperson, or an electricity person, or a Jehovah's Witness haha. Can't blame them, I hate answering the door in the middle of the day myself!

The cubby house itself wasn't heavy at all. It's made out of plastic so probably did not weigh more than 10kg. The only issue was that its size made it awkward for me to carry on my own. Plus, I still had Micah to worry about!! But I decided to try anyway. I started by carrying the cubby house a few steps towards our house, then pushed the pram ahead of me a few steps, locked the pram so it doesn't roll, went back and carried the cubby house a few steps ahead of the pram, walked back and unlocked the pram, pushed the pram a few steps ahead of the cubby house, and this went on and on and on... thankfully it was a nice day so I took my time! Cars that drove past probably thought I was a little bit desperate... but I didn't care! This cubby house, which was someone's else's trash, is going to be our treasure and save us at least $100 if we were to buy it brand new from Aldi.

Finally made it home but I got stuck at our gate access to our backyard. The cubby house was too wide! So I just left it there outside the gate with some bins in front of it to "cover it" or "protect it" from someone else pinching it. What's funny though is that if our neighbour were to walk past our house they would know exactly who took their old cubby house! Lol, but they have a HUGE properly built cubby house already so this little plastic one is probably just "loose change" for them and I probably did them a favor by helping them get rid of it.

Over the weekend, hubby helped me carry the cubby house over the gate so it's finally in our backyard, on our deck. I gave it a good hose using high pressure water and it's almost as good as new! Micah has a new toy now, cannot wait to see him play outside the next time we have a nice day.

He's lovin' it!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A bit of Feasting, Shopping & Playing

Micah and I had a day out at Chadstone Shopping Centre yesterday, and when I say "day out" I meant 3 hours lol. We had lunch with, I suppose I consider them "my two besties" because really they are probably my closest friends here in Melbourne since all my childhood / teenage best friends have all scattered all over the world. It was a great lunch at PappaRich (see blog post on my food blog here) and we looked around at the shops for a little bit before we had to get Micah back in the car for his afternoon nap.

While we were shopping, I got tempted and bought Micah a new outfit as pictured above. Why do we mums get sucked into buying cute new outfits for our kids?! Because they look so cute in them, that's why.

Today's another exciting day. We went to the play centre to catch up with Mums Group and the kids had a play which is always good fun. Micah had a good nap in the morning, so we stayed longer than usual and then he fell asleep in the car so I just kept driving.. and driving... all the way to Nar Nar Goon, lol. I ended up driving for close to an hour just so Micah can continue sleeping!

Although I must admit I had an ulterior motive. You see, if I waited to put Micah to bed when we get home, he probably won't fall asleep until at least 3pm... and then he'll wake up too late, and then he will want to stay up later, up to 8pm. I can't have his bedtime be 8pm tonight. I'm planning to go out to dinner with hubby and catch up with a lot of our friends tonight!! We got our sister in law to babysit and everything. Micah HAS to be in bed before 7pm no matter what... so his little 40-minute nap in the car was perfect just to keep him going the rest of the afternoon and then he will be tired and ready for bed by 6.30pm. Hehe.

Can't wait to go out to dinner tonight, it will be lots of fun. Lots of friends are coming, lots of great food, and I don't breast feed at night anymore so I can have a cocktail or two.

I'm thinking we might go shopping at Fountain Gate tomorrow now that there's about 60 new stores that just opened today... not sure though. We'll see if we can get a car park. If not, I'll just forget about that idea. Would be great to get in and take advantage of some of the Opening Offers though, only for this weekend. We shall see.

Also have a Girls Night to go to on Saturday, can't wait for that either. It's been a while since I've been going out having fun without Micah (although going out having fun WITH Micah is fun too) so I'm really looking forward to it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Photo Shoots!

I did two more photo shoots today, it was so much fun! Micah got to see his friends, and I got to practice my photo skills. I've learnt as I continue to do this that kids are so unpredictable. They are also all so different. They behave differently at different ages. Girls, within the age of 6-9 months are generally easier because they are not too mobile yet and they can be quite generous with their smiles. Any older than that, depending on the development of their motor skills, could get quite challenging! Take Micah for example, it is SO difficult to get him to stay still let alone smile and stay still! That is why ANY photo I manage to get of him that is decent, is actually great effort and I pat myself at the back for that achievement, lol.

Babies that are too young can be challenging too. A lot of photographers do newborn shots with them basically sleeping all the way throughout the photo shoot. I struggle with sleeping shots, mostly because I don't do a lot of them. I like my little models to lift their heads and make facial expressions. I love the clarity of their eyes in each shot, they each tell a simple little story about how they are feeling that day - happy, grumpy, amused, daydreamy, curious, etc.

Micah and I had a great day today, or at least it was great until Micah decided he didn't want to have an afternoon nap so he was grumpy the rest of the day and of course I got grumpy too because I don't like dealing with a grumpy kid... but let's not focus on the annoying part of the day.

Before my little models arrived, I managed to get a few shots of Micah (what a miracle!) which was good. I find I have to keep "inventing" new ways to keep him distracted, to make him stay put for more than 2 seconds, and to smile. Today I figured out a new trick and it worked just long enough for me to take some new shots of him. Hooray!

My first model Ashlea arrived and she was such a delight to work with! She doesn't quite move around so much yet, which was perfect for me! Her mum brought a lot of different outfits which made it so much fun, and we had to come up with different tricks to get her to smile but in the end it was a fantastic photo session with a lot of great photos which made the cut.

And then came Gaby, in many ways she is very similar to Micah, very active! So yes it was a struggle to get her to stay still but eventually we got there and I got a few great shots of her as well as a few cute little outfit changes! This photo of her above is my personal favorite.. how mesmerizing is her look in this photo!

After the photo shoot, we all had some lunch and a play. It was a great day and I really enjoyed having friends and babies over. Like I said, who cares if Micah refused to have an afternoon nap after that and was very grumpy, and bath time was a nightmare, and changing him afterwards was a nightmare, but he fell asleep so easily before 6.30pm so I finally got to chill.... meh, minor detail of the day. It was a great day regardless, hehe.

Now... I want to do this all over again! WHO WANTS A FREE PHOTO SHOOT??

Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 41: An Eventful Weekend

Monday morning and I'm sitting here thinking "Phew! That was quite an eventful weekend!"... it was a very good busy weekend though, as we got to surround Micah with lots of people and he got lots of cuddles and our house was very busy and he just did not get the chance to get bored, lol.

We were up nice and early on Saturday morning, especially hubby who took Micah to his play area at 6am so I can have a sleep-in, so really my day only started at 8am lol. Hubby then took Micah to Bunnings with him, as I stayed at home to prepare some salads and stuff for the lunch BBQ we were hosting that day.

When hubby got home, I put Micah down for his morning nap and then headed off to my church Women's Day. I didn't stay for very long, but I did manage to sit in one of the talks, had morning tea, and got all crafty and made cards so I did enjoy myself. 

By the time I got home at noon, some of our guests were already there so I got some nibbles out and we hung out in the lounge room whilst the boys got the BBQ ready. We also had a mini photo shoot of the babies, which was a lot of fun hehe. More photos from this shoot at

Thankfully with all the food we had for lunch, there were plenty of leftovers so I didn't have to cook dinner. After cleaning up for a bit and having leftovers for dinner it was early bedtime as we've had quite a big day.

The next day, I was on singing at church so we got to church early. Micah only slept for 45 minutes in the morning, so after church I fed him a snack and then rushed him home so he could have his afternoon nap. While he was napping we entertained a new couple from church over lunch at our place. They went and got a Roast Chicken and Chips, while we provided some salads, again leftovers from yesterday lol! It was nice and relaxed and I can't believe we got to use our decking TWICE this weekend to entertain! I am loving it... that was the whole purpose of setting up the decking area in the first place, to entertain! Now that the weather is getting warmer and warmer I am sure we will use it a lot more. Yayyy so happy!

After lunch, hubby went off to a 40th Birthday / Car Rally while I stayed home with Micah. He slept two hours in the afternoon so that was good! At 4.30pm I got a call from hubby that they were back from their car rally and I could come over to the party and join them for the BBQ if I wanted to, so I packed Micah's dinner and went over and we fed Micah his dinner there and had dinner there too so yayyy no cooking again! It worked out really well, and I thought Micah might get too grumpy because he had been awake for more than 4 hours but he was fine, too distracted by all the people at the party and having too much fun doing something different.

Of course by the time we got home, it was quickly getting Micah bathed and milk fed and off to bed. He did something amazingly cute after bath time last night. He was on the change table after his bath and I wrapped him up in his towel.. and he held up his towel to cover his face, and then lowered it quickly, and then held it up again, and lowered it quickly... he was trying to play peek-a-boo! I probably should've filmed it, because he did do it repeatedly, but I was too busy crying at his cleverness and admiring his amazing personality. Oh, and I was calling out to hubby too and he saw what Micah did and he was very proud of him too. We are both just SO proud of our little man and feeling truly blessed to be his parents!

Another busy week ahead, I am so excited really. Another photo shoot tomorrow, then lunch at Chadstone on Wednesday, catching up with Mums Group on Thursday and we shall see what we end up doing over the weekend! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Playdate... and a Photo Shoot Of Course!

Micah and I had a fun day today. My friend Nat and her little girl Hannah, who is 10 weeks younger than Micah, came over for a playdate. Of course, I somehow managed to easily convince Nat to "lend me" her daughter as a subject for my camera for the day, lol. Hannah is a lot more cooperative than Micah, mostly because she doesn't move quite as quickly as he does (although she will catch up VERY soon at the rate she's going!) and I love how cute little girls can get all dressed up and look really pretty for a photo!

Plus look at those beautiful big blue eyes... I am really starting to love this whole photography thing! I know I have so much to learn, and I will go out and learn some stuff "officially" eventually to pick up some new techniques.. but in the mean time as an amateur effort it's a great way to channel some of my energy towards something I really enjoy.

So.... who wants a free photo shoot!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Soaking Up The Sun

We love the warmer weather and have been spending more time out on the deck, soaking up the sun and breathing fresh air. Of course I see this as an opportunity for more outdoor shots, hehe.

And later that day... I took a few more shots but got really frustrated because Micah just won't keep still. I think I will give this whole photo-taking business a bit of a break so Micah can get his groove back. Maybe he was trying to tell me "enough mum... just let me be for a few days" lol. I'm really starting to enjoy taking pictures with my camera, especially of Micah and of food. I love experimenting with different poses and angles, and different editing techniques. Good thing Micah has a playdate with two of his mates tomorrow so maybe I can use them as my new subject while I give Micah, the most photographed kid on Facebook, a break!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 40: Home Photo Shoot

Micah's first photo shoot with Bettina Baby Modelling Agency is coming up this Friday after we have had to reschedule due to his Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. Now that he's all better and his face finally cleared up, I thought I'd dress him in the clothes I plan to dress him in this Friday and do a "practice run".

Taking good photos of an active toddler is not easy. Sometimes you cannot even get them to smile if they are too tired or grumpy. Sometimes you cannot get them to keep still, let alone do the pose you want them to do! So my first trick to get Micah into a good mood is to give him a quick feed on the boob... works all the time! He is instantly a happy boy and generous with his smiles. He also gets super active so the camera just needs to keep snapping... snap snap snap and out of 20+ photos only TWO made the cut. Oh well!

So what do you think? Does Micah have what it takes to be a baby model?

EDIT: I decided to do a bit of online research (not sure why I did the research AFTER going through the whole interview process, etc... but better late than never) and this totally freaked me out. I don't think we will go to that photo shoot on Friday. Micah can continue being MY supermodel and I will continue being his photographer. Will set up an account on AT2 (nice and easy, simple enough) and we'll see how we go from there!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happier Boy + FIRST STEP!

I am so happy the worst is over. Micah's HFM has improved significantly. His face is completely clear from spots, the spots on his hands and legs are drying out nicely and the spots in his nappy are fading quickly! He is a much happier boy, and even sleeps better during the day. Today he had a 90-minute nap in the morning and 2-hour nap in the afternoon. He has also been very consistent with sleeping from 7pm - 6am everynight. This whole routine is finally happening the way I want it to. Living the dream! Lol.

Micah turns 9 months tomorrow and the most amazing thing happened today. At first, I noticed he let his hands go off the playpen and just stood there hands-free for the longest time. He literally had his hands up in the air and just balanced and stood there for like 20 seconds! He was gaining confidence, I could tell, as he kept smiling at me while he was doing it.

And then, he stood facing me with just one hand holding the playpen. Then, HE LET GO AND TOOK A STEP towards me! I don't think he even realised what he was doing! He was thinking of coming over for a cuddle and didn't realise he was taking a step without his hands holding on to the playpen? (He walks from one end of the playpen to the other with one hand holding on all the time, by the way)

It was only one step, then he lost his balance, dropped on his knees and just continued crawling. STILL!!! My baby took his first step hands-free!! He will be walking around in no time!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week 39: Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

My poor baby boy is not well. We first noticed on Sunday morning just before church that he had a temperature. We took his temperature and it was 38 degrees. Higher than usual, but not high enough to rush to the hospital. So we gave him some Panadol and he soldiered on the rest of the day and even had lots of fun out at the Caribbean Market on Father's Day.

The next day (yesterday), those nasty spots have appeared. All over the lower part of his face and especially bad on his hands and in his nappy. I rang up our GP and got an appointment for 4.30pm. Yesterday was probably one of the longest days I have ever had to deal with. Micah had trouble falling asleep - I tried everything, feeding, rocking, cuddling, he just wasn't falling asleep and by noon he was looking more and more tired and grumpy. 

Hubby then suggested I take him out for a drive and see if he would sleep in the car. He suggested we could do lunch together, so I drove to hubby's workplace. Micah did NOT fall asleep on the way there, but he got really close. So I decided after hubby picked up some lunch that I will just keep driving, wherever the roads will take me, in hopes that Micah will finally fall asleep. This time he did, and I kept driving ... along the scenic route home and ended up at Cardinia Reservoir.

It was such a beautiful day and I tried to take Micah out for a walk so he would fall back asleep (he woke up after 30 minutes) but no luck. I tried to feed him some lunch but he refused. He wasn't a happy boy. At this stage it was almost 2pm. Still another 2 and a half hours to go until I see a doctor and figure out what is wrong with him. I rang up other clinics in the area to try and get an earlier appointment, no luck. I even drove to NarreGate Medical Centre and it was packed full of people waiting to see a doctor. This whole time, Micah just kept crying and crying.... I got a little bit sad and cried while driving as well, it is so unusual for him to cry while in the car. The car usually fixes everything. He must've been really upset over something.

We went home, and I gave him lots of cuddles and he was happy enough to smile and play with his toys. That made me feel a lot better. His spots have gotten worse, but he doesn't have a temperature and was playing happily so I wasn't concerned. Finally, it was time to head over to the doctors. We arrived at the doctor's 15 minutes early, and Micah had fallen asleep. So, I rang the receptionist and asked if I could wait in the car so Micah can continue sleeping... she said no problem, she will wave when doctor is ready to see us. So I waited in the car and Micah got an extra 15 minutes sleep, every minute counts!!

So we FINALLY saw the doctor and she knew as soon as she saw Micah that he had Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. Hubby was worried it could've been Chicken Pox, it definitely wasn't chicken pox. What's strange is, we don't know how Micah caught it! It is very commonly spread at childcare centres, but Micah doesn't go to childcare. There is no real medication for this virus, we just had to wait it out and the spots will go away within a week. Panadol can help if he has a temperature. Micah might lose his appetite and refuse his solids (which he is) due to ulcers in his mouth so offer more frequent breast feeds to keep his fluids up, which is what I am currently doing.

Thankfully, Micah slept really well last night from 7.30pm - 6am (although it was a struggle getting him to fall asleep which is why hubby was holding him on the couch and he finally fell asleep as per photo at the top of this blog post) so thankfully I got to have a good rest last night after one very long day. He barely touched his breakfast this morning so I gave him an extra breast feed. He went to sleep just before 9am this morning, and is still asleep now (10.30am) so YAYYY that is improvement already compared to yesterday!! He is still grumpy and cries a lot more than usual but we will get through it.

This is only the second time Micah has ever been sick, so I don't have a lot of experience when dealing with a sick kid! Naturally, I was quite a mess yesterday but it's all fine now. We are stuck at home, because Micah is very contagious... but hopefully he gets well quickly so we can get back to being normal again!

Last week, I was worried about a little bruise on his forehead before his photoshoot... and now he has red spots all over his mouth! Whatever comes around, goes around you just have to deal with it one day at a time.
Of course, his photoshoot this Friday will need to be rescheduled. To think I was worried about a little bruise on his forehead last week, and now he has spots all over his face!

My poor little guy!
His beautiful face... breaks my heart. Go away quickly spots!!
His hands are pretty bad too..
They look like blisters... I sure hope they don't hurt like blisters!
Little dots and spots everywhere...


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hubby's First Father's Day

My two very special boys... love them both so much! <3
It is Father's Day today in Australia, I said in Australia because I know a lot of other countries celebrate Father's Day in June! So people all around the world on Twitter would probably be all confused and wondering why we Aussies constantly tweet "Happy Father's Day" today, well because it IS today. First Sunday of September. That's our Father's Day. It's weird like that, but that's how it is haha.

This weekend is also the first weekend of spring, so we were greeted by beautiful sunshine and warm days (although in Melbourne it still gets pretty chilly because of the wind). We thought it would be a great idea as a family to get together and celebrate Father's Day at the Caribbean Gardens Market. It was a great day out, we had a picnic lunch out in the sun and then went walking around the market browsing through the stalls and did a little bit of shopping.

Micah and Uncle Vince. Micah doesn't look so sure, lol!
It was also really great to have our good friends Vince and Leah and their twin babies join us there today. After all, both Vince and my hubby are first time fathers this year so it's great to be able to celebrate together. We are so blessed to have good friends like them who have shared most of our special days for many years now! Here's to many, many more special occasions and celebrating together :)

Hubby holding Amelia... Micah getting a bit jealous? Aawww...

We had quite a productive day shopping at the market too! I was very pleased with my new pair of sunnies, and hubby bought a few sketch pads and a new belt, and a couple of webcams. Micah was good most of the time, but towards the end he got really tired and it was time to go home... poor Micah barely had any sleep today, he basically ONLY slept in the car today. On the way to the market and on the way home.

When we got home, I tidied up the house a little bit and gave Micah dinner and a bath, and he was in bed sleeping soundly by 6.30pm. It's been a big day, so no cooking for me tonight. Ordered Chinese takeaway online and waiting for food to arrive now. So yes I had a wonderful weekend!

Oh, and what presents did hubby get you ask?! Well, other than all the stuff he just bought from the market today, I got him a personalised stubby holder with a picture of Micah wearing a top which says "My Daddy Rocks" and "Happy Father's Day 2012". The idea is that I will make a stubby holder each year with a different photo of Micah so hubby will end up having a collection of stubby holders with photos of Micah as he grows up! How cool is that?! And I also got him "The Avengers" movie on Bluray.. which we ended up watching last night because I am terrible at keeping secrets or keeping things as a surprise. In fact, hubby got his stubby holder two weeks ago because it arrived in the mail, and he picked it up from the letterbox and gave it to me, and I was like "What's this? I don't remember ordering photos from Snapfish", and it ended up not being photos because I forgot I ordered the stubby holder, and I was like "Ohhhh...." and he was like "What, what is it?" and I was like "I can't tell you" and he was like "Why not?" and I totally couldn't keep it in I just went "Ohhh alright then it's for you for Father's Day!" and showed him the stubby holder........ and he went "KIM!! You're terrible. Now you've ruined my awesome surprise".

Oh well, at least it is still awesome and a surprise two weeks ago... :p