Friday, June 29, 2012

Week 29: Centre of Attention

One of my favorite photos of Micah and my sister Ruby
I'll just do a quick blog post because we've had a longggg day and I am SO exhausted and I cannot wait to go to bed. My parents and my youngest sister Ruby of course are finally here!! Micah is loving all the extra attention he has been getting. I am loving all the extra help I have been getting. We have a busy week ahead as Micah's baptism is coming up quickly this Sunday. So much needs to be done and everyone has done a great job so far. Hubby and my dad have been working hard on our backyard and it is finally at a decent state for entertaining guests outdoors. I just hope the weather will be alright this Sunday...

Mum has been helping me lots - whenever I have chores to do, eg washing or cooking she will look after Micah. She helps me do the dishes and that takes a HUGE load off me. It has been so wonderful to have 3 extra babysitters in the house!! Happy to announce my mum has decided to extend her stay and remain in Melbourne until the end of July.. yayyyy!! Just need Air Asia to reply our request to separate my parents' booking so we can make changes for ONE passenger on the booking only... so silly that we even have to request for the booking to be separated! 

.............. I can no longer focus on writing this blog post, after South Melbourne Market, a big shopping spree at CostCo, a quick stop at Fountain Gate to pick up my dad's birthday cake (oh and it's my dad's birthday today!) and some stuff he wanted from Matchbox, and preparing a simple dinner (two dishes were  bought from CostCo so just had to be heated up in the oven), and bathing Micah, and feeding Micah, and putting him to bed................ thank goodness my mum did most of the cleaning up. 

................................................................ PHOTO TIME!

Micah with his proud grandparents
...... because I am about to pass out and can't be bothered re-uploading all the photos, here's a link to the Photo Album: La Familia in Melbourne 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Special Feature: Treasured Keepsakes

If you are a parent yourself, I am sure you know very well how fast time flies and how quickly our children grow up! Which is why we are always looking for ways to capture all those special moments. I have taken thousands of photos of Micah and framed them, and his photo album is already full, and my Facebook page is flooded with his photos and updates on how he is going. This entire BLOG is dedicated to my special journey from pregnancy to birth and continuing progress of his growth and development!

I'd like to dedicate this post to a very special friend of mine Kim, who is a stay home mum like me based in Berwick. She is the nicest, friendliest person and her work at Treasured Keepsakes can definitely help you capture your special moment with your children. 

Specializing in beautifully hand crafted fingerprint jewellery, all of their pieces are made using .925 silver and come with a free snake chain. Capture your child or loved ones fingerprint, handprint or footprint and wear it close to your heart always. Treasured Keepsakes is definitely one of a kind, special, unique and a great gift idea for all occasion.

Capture your child or loved ones fingerprint in .925 silver and wear it close to your heart. Normally $130 with a free chain, SPECIAL $100. Valid until the 18th of July 2012.

3D Hand and Foot Castings are one way of keeping your little ones hand and feet as sweet and tiny as the day they were born. Completely safe and non toxic these sculptures come with the frame and matts of your choice and finished in a nice silver or gold paint.

This is possibly my personal favorite: Hand painted portraits of you, your family or your friends. This painting will look just like the photo you supply with its unique touch of life. A gift that no one will have and everyone will want! I want one. Can somebody please give me one of these? Hehe.

Canvas Oil Painting made to order - normally $350 currently on a special intro price of $299. GORGEOUS!

To make an appointment, please call or SMS Kim Cook at 0433 357 279 or you can check out her Facebook page at

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week 28: EARTHQUAKE IN MELBOURNE! Quality Time, Biting & Playpen (Again)

Micah and I got to spend some quality time this week. On the weekend we went for a nice walk in the sun (very rare these days!) it didn't feel like winter at all, and enjoyed a lovely lunch outside at Red Rooster. Look at that beautiful cheeky grin of his... he was so happy and content to be out smelling the fresh air. 

Hubby is away in Queensland for 4 days this week so Micah and I will really be spending lots of quality time. We hung out at Glen Waverley today while I did some Asian grocery shopping and had lunch at a Malaysian restaurant. Tomorrow we are off to do some shopping at Fountain Gate - I am going to buy him a pair of white pants for his baptism (he is borrowing his cousin's suit but the pants are a bit tight!), a Baine Marie from Kmart to keep the food warm during the post baptism lunch, a 2nd tier for my steamer so I can steam more veggies, and a bread slicer as requested by my aunt from Malaysia. On Thursday, we will go visit poor Aunty Leah who just wants the twins in her belly to come out already! Then we're off to stay the night at Micah's Nana and Granddad's in Werribee. That should be a nice little break for me as Micah will get cuddles from Nana and Granddad.

Oh, and did I mention I cleaned out my pantry this week. SUCH A GREAT FEELING!
Now I know exactly what is in my pantry (don't you just hate going grocery shopping and either buying something you already have, or not buying something you think you have but really you don't have?) and what needs to be stocked up.. when my parents get here next week (NEXT WEEK!) from Malaysia, we will take a trip to CostCo and stock up my pantry! Yayyy so excited. Sorry, gone off topic there... hehe.

We all know Micah loves putting things in his mouth and giving them a good chew. He especially loves to suck and chew on people's fingers. Recently, ever since Micah got his 3 little bottom teeth, and they are so SHARP by the way, it really started to hurt whenever he bites down on our fingers!! So hubby did ask me how I was dealing with breastfeeding him.

I was fine, for a while. He was perfectly fine breastfeeding with his sharp teeth, his tongue goes on top of his teeth as part of his "suction technique" anyway so I barely felt any teeth..... until one day last week.

OUCH!!! I literally let out a huge scream / squeal / yelp whatever you call it... it was a massive OWWW!! Micah bit me whilst feeding!!! It happened again during the next feed so I started doing some research... here's a really good article: What To Do When Your Breastfeeding Baby Bites. I tried some of the solution suggested by this article and it worked. It hasn't happened again ever since... yet. Fingers crossed. I've figured out that Micah doesn't like me looking at my phone (reading Facebook, lol) whilst I'm feeding him. He wants my full attention! So I have to either give him full attention or pretend I'm giving him full attention ie not let him see my phone ie hold the phone out behind him where he can't see what I'm doing, hehe!

 Again with the playpen! Micah hated the arrangement as per the "Before" photo above. He just doesn't like the fact that everywhere he turns there is this gate / fence thing which I suppose was very jail-like! He just whinged and cried the whole time we put him in there... So my clever husband the engineer modified the playpen and turned it into the "After" photo as shown. So much better! Micah still has access to all the areas on his playmat and all of his toys and yet he is safely contained within an enclosed section of the room. Brilliant. Still need to supervise him though, clever boy could reach through the gaps and pull out the playmat edges and still eat them. Pfft.


Just as I was sitting on the couch finishing up my blog post, an EARTHQUAKE (okay maybe it was just an earth tremor) just happened!! It was the longest earthquake I have ever experienced. It wasn't a bad one at all, just felt the house shake for a bit as if a really, really large truck just drove past... but because it went on for so LONG approximately 20 seconds, I started to panic. In my heart I was praying hard for it to just stop. It was the longest 20 seconds of my life. I feared for my little Micah sleeping in the next room! I was worried because it went on for so long that it was going to get worse... thankfully it stopped! WHY did this have to happen as soon as my husband is away?!! Still a bit shaken up, not by the earthquake, but by the POSSIBILITY of a much worse earthquake. That thought during that split moment was one of the scariest thoughts I've ever had. All because I have become a parent!! ARRGGGHHH everything just seems scarier, all because I fear for my child. ARGH!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Week 27 (Pt 2): 6-Month Review & Playpen

 Micah had his 6-Months Review today and even though we thought surely he would be 10kg by now, he's not quite there yet. Which is good! He is still in the 97th percentile for both his height and weight, so he is still a big baby for his age but we are so proud of it. He is a thriving, healthy baby and so strong and so confident and so clever, we just couldn't ask for more :-)

Ever since Micah started commando crawling at 19 Weeks, we haven't been able to let him play on his playmat unsupervised. Even going to the toilet makes me nervous! He is SO quick to just move onto the tiled area and if he rolls back, he hits his head really hard and would start screaming! Now that he is a little bit older and has gotten stronger and able to do "push ups", Micah is close to being able to properly crawl and therefore gets up to more mischief! He would crawl to the edge of his playmat and pulls out the edges and starts eating them (and because he has got teeth he could bite out a chunk and potentially choke!). He would crawl beyond his area towards other objects he shouldn't be touching let alone put in his mouth. The kitchen bin is not far away, he could easily tip it over if I'm not watching! It just becomes too hard to fully supervise this active baby!

That is why I had no choice but to get him a playpen. I have nothing against playpens but the idea of trapping my child in an enclosed area like a zoo animal kinda bothers me just a little bit. BUT the benefit definitely outweighs whatever image in my mind that don't seem right. It is most important to keep Micah safe, and this playpen will keep him safe. This playpen will keep him out of mischief. This playpen means that I can go to the toilet in peace, wash the dishes and cook in the kitchen in peace whilst still being able to keep an eye on him and talk to him (imagine chopping up onions and seeing your baby heading towards danger and then having to go pick him up with your onion hands to "adjust" his position!) and even if he starts crying or getting upset I know I have the time (if I'm cooking) to wash my hands before I go and comfort him, because I know he is not in any immediate danger. So there you go. Playpen. Win.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 27: Weekly Mums Group at the Play Centre

Micah's favorite toys... BALLS!
Here in Australia, first time mums are assigned to a Weekly Mothers Group for 6 Weeks by their local council. It's part of the free community support program set up for new mothers and is a great way for new mothers to meet other new mothers in their area, as well to learn all the basic things you need to learn about looking after a baby. I was assigned to a Mums Group and started going to a Children's Centre just minutes away from my home when Micah was about 2 months old. 

Within the 6 weeks I am so blessed to have established wonderful new friendships with 9 other mums all living within minutes of each other. Even after our official Weekly Mothers Group meetings, we have not only kept in touch but also still meet on a weekly basis. Initially, we started off by alternating houses and hosts. After a few weeks, we decided it is a great idea to just meet at a local play centre. It was the best idea ever! No need for hosts to worry about setting up / cleaning up, there is plenty of room for our kids to play, we only have to pay $3.50 to get in because our kids are still at the young age and therefore their entry is free (and we get a free coffee so really we're paying for a coffee each week and free entry!) and no reason to be confused in terms of venue e.g. "Whose house are we meeting at this week?" because it is always the same place, same time.

Micah wearing his new sunnies from Aunty Kimmy, lol.
It is great. Not only do our kids get to see other on a weekly basis, play together and hopefully form close friendships when they are older - we mums continue to catch up over a coffee and chat about all the wonderful and challenging things involved when it comes to raising our children. Not only is this a continuous support group, but I feel so lucky to have met all these wonderful women! It is always a fun social day out with these ladies - whether it is at our weekly play centre catch ups or shopping at Fountain Gate or Mums and Bubs movie sessions.

It is so easy especially for exhausted mums (e.g. if bub decides to have a bad sleeping nights) to just lock themselves away at home and deal with the struggles of looking after a young baby all by themselves. That is why I believe it is healthy to get out of the house, and as much as Micah loves his play area at home, he does eventually get bored of it too and that is why it is great to take him to the play centre every week just for something different. I take Micah out all the time anyway, he goes grocery shopping with me all the time and I do tend to like spending time at the mall because of all the Parents Room facilities available, which makes it really convenient for Micah to tag along. Plus, Micah loves looking at different things and it keeps his mind stimulated.

"How many push ups would you like me to do, mum?"
..... getting distracted
I feel extremely blessed to be part of my Mums Group. We even have a Facebook Group set up so we can keep in touch during the week and discuss any issues / problems we have, as well as share any mini successes we've had with our babies. 

Play play, sleep sleep, wakey wakey smiley happy baby :)
To all 9 wonderful ladies, you know who you are, thank you for being part of me and Micah's lives and making motherhood so much more fun and exciting each week! I look forward to catching up with you ladies and seeing your babies every single week and really hope we continue to have strong friendships for many, many years to come! xoxxo

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Week 26: New Toy for Micah & New Toy for Me!

Micah got a new toy from his Aunty Hannah yesterday and he is absolutely loving it! It's like a jolly jumper thing which makes him bounce around. He loves standing up anyway so being able to stand up AND play with things around him is like the best thing for a kid his age!

We had a great day out today. Another Mums and Bubs movie session this morning, saw "What To Expect When You're Expecting". It was good, a typical chick flick but I still prefer going to the movies to watch action or sci-fi movies. Chick flicks are meant to be hired on DVD and watched at home... but I suppose it was more an excuse to go out and socialise with other mums from my Mums Group and an excuse to get coffee, as well as an excuse to go shopping.

Speaking of shopping, went to Big W after the movie to pick up a few things - nappies, comfy pants for home use this cold winter, bathroom mats, a garlic crusher (always wanted one for my kitchen!), a travel mug (always wanted one so I can make coffee at home to go!) and a portable clothes rail.

TOTALLY random, I know! But the portable clothes rail (only $14 from Big W) made my day! I love it already. You see, I always have a massive pile of laundry just sitting on the ironing board because whenever I do chores, Micah is asleep, and Micah sleeps in our room, therefore I cannot go in the wardrobe to put our clothes away. So TADA! Now I can neatly hang all our clothes, put them on the portable clothes rail and when Micah wakes up I can quickly just wheel them to the wardrobe and transfer them very quickly! Aaahhh.. simple pleasures in life, lol!!

Only 3 more weeks until my parents and youngest sis arrive in Melbourne and meet Micah for the very first time! So exciting, yet there is so much to do around the house before they get here. Oh well, 3 weeks is plenty of time is it not?

Oh and by the way, Micah has 3 cute little sharp TEETH!!!
 All three are at the bottom middle. GO my little boy!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Y is for Yay Yummy Yoplait Yoghurt!

Product Talk by Nuffnang

Micah had his first taste of yoghurt today and he loved it! He didn't have much at lunch time, but when daddy came home from work and had some yoghurt as a snack before dinnertime Micah had more than what he had at lunch time! Obviously he is loving the flavours but most importantly, he loved sharing a small tub of yoghurt with his dad. Aawww... :-)

When it comes to yoghurt, Yoplait is my choice. Yoplait yoghurt has recently changed and has been reformulated! "So what's new" you ask? Good question, here are some of the changes:
  • Yoplait has been re-formulated meaning every tub has a new taste with flavours containing real fruit (the Vanilla even contains real vanilla bean! It is very yummmyyyy...)
  • Yoplait packaging has a new look with the 1Kg tubs being clear so you can see all the real fruit and flavour goodness inside every tub of Yoplait
  • The new Yoplait range is 98% fat free
  • Yoplait Yoghurt doesn't contain any artificial colours or flavours
  • Every tub is rich in calcium for strong bones (making it an ideal snack for growing bodies!)
  • Yoplait Yoghurt also contains a probiotic culture to help maintain digestive well being
  • Look under the lid of all 175g tubs for little facts. All the more reason to get lid licking!
  • Yoplait have introduced new flavours that are sure to make your tastebuds tingle! Alongside old favourites like Strawberry, Mango and classic Vanilla, there are new varieties Raspberry, Peach, Blackberry, Apple & Cinnamon and Citrus. My favorite is the new Apple & Cinnamon... absolutely delicious!! Would go really well with warm Apple Cinnamon fritters I reckon.

I've recently stocked up on yoghurt, there is so much you can do with them! My favorite is to make a fresh fruit salad and have it with Vanilla yoghurt. The little 6 Pack Mixed Flavours tubs make a great healthy snack at any time of the day. Take a few of the little tubs to work so you can indulge in a pick-me-up whenever you need one! Delicious yoghurt also makes a great much healthier alternative to ice cream for dessert. 

Fresh fruit salad with Vanilla Yoghurt for breakfast, anyone?
Micah rolling around the picnic rug with a small tub of yoghurt
Oh wait.. "Mummm I think we have company!"
Even rabbits love yoghurt
"Heyyy that's MY yoghurt thank you very much!!"