Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week 25: Busy Week!

Happy, well rested mum = happy bub!
OK so maybe this blog post is more about me than it is about Micah... but I am SO excited for this week!! I am sure I will be absolutely exhausted by the end of it, but this week makes me feel like a normal human again. Micah is finally settling into a good sleep routine which means more sleep for me, which means more energy for me to do things as well as a happier attitude towards everything. Sleep changes everything!! I'm just going to try and summarise...

Monday: Micah and I went to the Post Office first thing in the morning. We sold hubby's keyboard on eBay (kaching!) so I had to go and post it to the buyer in Queensland! Then we went to the Party Shop at Enterprise Avenue and got hubby a masquerade mask for the party this weekend. Later in the afternoon Micah had his 6-month Immunisation. He was a brave little boy :-)

Tuesday: Our Mums Group meet every Tuesday at a play centre in Hallam. It's a great place for kids and makes great coffee for mums. Later that night we had Growth Group at our place.

Wednesday: Went and saw Men In Black 3 in the morning - Mums and Bubs movie sessions are awesome! Only $10 ticket including New Release movies. I think I will make this a regular thing for as long as Micah is able to tolerate it. He was so well behaved throughout most of the movie, even had a short nap towards the end! Later tonight, my sister in law will babysit so hubby and I can go out and have dinner at a restaurant with some friends. Yayy me socialize!

Thursday: Day off - but gotta go to music practice at night. I'm on music at church this Sunday!

Friday: Day out in the city - Good Food and Wine Show!!

Saturday: Hopefully have time to finish staining the outdoor furniture. Friend's 30th Birthday Party at night - masquerade ball! Another sister in law babysitting - booked her many weeks in advance! I'm going to be dressed in a ball gown with a mask and everything.. big night. A proper social night for me, very rare these days! Might give Micah formula just for that one night feed so I can have a few cocktails at the party...

Sunday: Hopefully I won't be too tired from all the partying on Saturday night, will need to be at church by 10am to warm up my voice and sing lead at church! Oh boy.

Oh and I cannot believe it will be JUNE this weekend! Time really flies and my parents and sister will be here very soon! Visiting Melbourne from Malaysia.. so exciting!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week 24: I Love Banana

I LOVE BANANA it's finger lickin' good!

Hi everybody!

It's Micah here. Mummy is feeling a little bit sick so I thought I'd blog on her behalf. I'm taking a nap right now. My nose is very runny and I have yucky snot coming out of it all the time and I don't know why, but good ol' mum always wipes the snot away and make me feel all better. I'm also very sleepy and tired these days and I don't know why. Maybe it's because of what mummy keeps saying I am... sick. Last night I went to bed at 6.30pm and didn't get up until 11.30pm for a feed! Mummy was very proud of me, she even had 14 people in our lounge room last night for Bible Study and they were apparently noisy but meh... I just slept through it all. I think I'm a good boy because of that, hehe. After mum gave me a feed, I slept from 12am all the way until 5am.. and then she decided to feed me again and I couldn't help but fall right back to sleep and officially woke up at 7am. I think mum and dad were quite pleased with that.

Mummy's been giving me "special toys" once a day. She sits me on a chair and we eat at the table together. These special toys are unlike my other toys. When I put them in my mouth they taste yummy!! Some of them are squishy and I make such a big mess, but they are so yummy! I particularly love this squishy yellow thing my mum keeps calling the "banana". I LOVE BANANA!

Whenever mum gives me a milk feed she likes to sit me on the bouncer for at least 15 minutes. I guess that is to let the milk settle in my tummy before I go play, otherwise I would just sick it all up and she thinks it's a waste. While I wait for my playtime, she lets me have my teething blankie. I LOVE MY TEETHING BLANKIE!

I'm also starting to notice that I can push myself up really high if I use my knees and lift my tummy off the ground! Mum gets really excited whenever I do this, I think she's expecting me to move around in this position but I haven't quite figured it out yet. I think it's called "crawling".. but at the moment I just lift myself up into the crawling position and take one step with my knee and then I lose my balance and I go back on tummy again. Oh well, I will get there eventually! At the rate I'm going though, I think I will be able to crawl by next week. Yeah!

I guess I should go back to my nap now... goodnight everybody!! Love, Micah.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our First BBQ

A lot of people don't realise (but then again, a lot actually do) just how far we've come with this decking project. We have planned to build this decking ever since we moved into our house 4 years ago. It took us 4 long years, but the day has finally come when we could have a few people over and sit outside for a BBQ lunch. Finally!!

It was actually quite a spontaneous lunch. I woke up this morning feeling absolutely terrible. My nose has been blocked all night and my throat was very sore so I didn't really get a good sleep. I was convinced I would spend the whole day today just being miserable and sick. Surprisingly, after getting up with Micah and putting him to bed at 8.30am, and then we all snoozed for another 2 hours... I woke up feeling pretty decent! So we texted a few friends and invited them over for a BBQ lunch. We thawed out some sausages from the freezer and quickly popped into the shops to pick up some bread and salads - and we were all set!

It was a nice and relaxing afternoon. We only brought out one of the outdoor furniture sets as we only needed one for 6 people. Most importantly, it was good to know our BBQ which we bought from eBay actually worked! Haha.

Now off for an afternoon nap...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Decking Project (Part 5)

It has been a while since I've done one of these updates... the decking is pretty much done, just needs the extra screws to be put in to secure it firmly. We bought a BBQ / Outdoor Kitchen and it's finally been moved onto the deck today!!

We're really happy with it especially how it looks and perfectly fits in that corner of the decking. It comes with a 6-burner as well as a wok burner thing on the side, a sink, plenty of storage space underneath, and lots of preparation and bench space. It is stainless steel with a cast iron grill plate.

Look forward to having some good weather hopefully soon so we can test it out and cook something up! It's finally coming along quite nicely.. pity we're heading towards winter so there won't be too many beautiful days for us to enjoy our outdoor area.

We've also bought our outdoor furniture but it's currently sitting in the garage as I need to stain them with a couple of coats of oil to protect the wood. We bought two sets so we can hopefully join the tables together and make one big table for when the whole family comes over (we have a big family!) or when we have a party (Micah's Baptism in July will be followed by a Spit Roast Lunch at our place so that will possibly be the first time we use our deck to entertain! Fingers crossed it doesn't rain...)

If it does rain we have actually bought 2 x 3.3m cantilever umbrella which should provide sufficient shelter provided it's just light rain and not a thunderstorm!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 23 (Part 2): First Crawl, First Cold, First Tooth!

Wow so much happening in Week 23, I have to blog TWICE! This week, Micah sat on his high chair, was given some finger foods for the first time, and now he has propped himself up to proper crawling position (stomach lifted and supported by arms and knees) and took his first crawl step, and got sick for the first time with a runny nose and a cough, and now we can see his first tooth!!!

So much happening all in one week I just had to write this all down for future reference!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 23: Starting Baby Led Weaning

I have always given Micah complete freedom and independence when it comes to eating. The day he was born, I lay him right in the middle of my chest and allowed him to find my breast on his own. This process is called Baby Led Attachment which basically allowed Micah to follow his natural baby instincts and increase our chance for success in breastfeeding naturally. I've also given him the freedom to feed whenever he wants aka Demand Feeding. The result, is of course a confident breastfeeding mum and a happy breastfed baby. We have had absolutely no issues at all with feeding, and Micah thrived in his development and reaped all the benefits of breastfeeding.

Obviously Micah is a clever little boy who is clearly quite a foodie himself like his mummy. So, I trust him once again to have full control when it comes to starting solids. He is almost 6 months old, which is the recommended age to start Baby Led Weaning. On Mothers Day, we sat Micah on his highchair and he seemed to be sitting upright on his own quite comfortably. So, by dinner time we were sitting there having a meal with Micah just playing with his bowl and spoon.

That was when I decided to "test the waters" and see how he would respond to a couple of finger foods. He doesn't have to eat them in the first few weeks, even months - apparently the first few weeks / months are meant for exploring and improving his hand-eye coordination and letting him "practice" picking food all by himself and taking them to his mouth and gnawing/chewing and getting used to various texture and flavours of food.

Micah was absolutely brilliant - it was his first time putting ANYTHING food in his mouth all on his own, and he looked like a pro! I started with a couple of sticks of raw cucumber and he just grabbed it and took it to his mouth and started chewing! Of course he only chewed the soft part of the cucumber. I left the skin on to make it easier and firmer for him to grab.

He did pull a few funny faces when he realises that the "thing" he just picked up and put in his mouth was actually nice and cold and had a strange, new flavour to it... lol.

After a while though, he just went absolutely nuts and kept chewing the cucumber. He was absolutely lovin' it! Some of it spilled right back out of his mouth, whilst some actually stayed in his mouth and disappeared and I know I saw him swallow! It doesn't really matter at this stage, he is still getting his main meals and nutrition from breast milk so he can take his time and explore all these different foods aka "new toys" as much as he wants even without actually "eating".

The "eating" part will come naturally in a few months when he realises that he can handle food better, chew and swallow better and actually get quite full when he's done - but that comes later.

Micah concentrating hard when trying to pick up the cucumber
And when he can't seem to pick them up and bring the cucumber to his mouth, he simply brings his mouth to the cucumber!
So clever.... so I decided to try giving him some sticks of steamed carrots too. Just firm enough to grab, but soft enough to turn into mushy bits when he starts chewing.

What a clever little foodie, he didn't need much encouragement at all! He just picked them up (the carrots were just a little bit harder to pick up because it's a bit slippery and moist) and once again started chewing! No pulling funny faces this time, so he must've loved the flavour.

Ohhh... it brings me so much joy to watch him explore food!! He is going to be such a clever little foodie I can tell already, and I love giving him this freedom because it will make him a confident little eater and it will make family mealtime much more enjoyable. I don't have to prepare separate foods for him, I can sit and enjoy my own meal as Micah feeds himself because I don't have to spoon feed him, yes he will make a terrible mess but that's all part of learning and eventually he will get so much better at it - the mess will eventually not be too messy!

By introducing food to Micah this way, I am hoping all the different textures and flavours from all the vegetables, fruit and meat I will eventually give him will make him more likely to be adventurous with his food - like his mum! He is learning all the individual textures and flavours of different foods without getting confused with a mixture of various flavours most pureed foods offer. Involving Micah during our mealtimes would also keep me in check when it comes to preparing food - I am now more aware that we need to have more healthy veggies and fruit in our meals, and the meat will be cooked healthily with very little or even better no salt and preservatives. I might make a lovely sauce to go with our meals / pasta that we "adults" will have but Micah will have the plain pasta and the non-seasoned meat! So in a way, because Micah is only allowed all these healthy foods - he is making sure WE eat healthily too! Exciting times!

EDIT: More photos from today!

"Banana? What banana?"
"Hhmmm let's see if I can have both the cucumber and the banana..."
"I love you mum.. this is pretty awesome :-)"
"Ahak! I am having SO much fun!"
"Hhmmm this banana thing is quite slippery. Maybe if I trap it in a corner..."
The boy loves his cucumber - or maybe green is just his favorite colour. He always goes for his green toys too.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My First Mothers Day

My first Mothers Day Brunch.. also the first time Micah sat at the table with us on his high chair!
Oh what a joy today is, and it's only 11am! Hubby and I cooked breakfast together and Micah sat at the table with us sitting on his high chair for the very first time. He will start finger food solids in a couple of weeks so it's time to get him involved and used to sitting at the table with us. It went really well this morning! He seems to be sitting comfortably despite being still not quite there yet when it comes to sitting up on his own. The chair and the pillow helps.

My first Mothers Day cooked breakfast
Breakfast / brunch was delicious and I'm so full right now probably won't need lunch! I'm just enjoying a cup of tea now and watching TV (while blogging) with hubby while Micah has his morning sleep. Haven't had a shower yet though, hehe - and Micah is a little bit tired this morning because he was up since 5.30am so we thought we'd stay home and not go to church so he can have his sleep.

Cheeky Micah at sleeptime :-)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Week 22: 5 Months

My little man turned exactly 5 months just two days ago. Oh how time flies! He is growing beautifully and we are so proud of what he can already do. As you all know he started commando crawling at about 19 weeks. Last night, he held himself up at a proper crawling position (on his knees, stomach lifted and arms supporting his weight) for about 3 seconds. I reckon he would crawl properly really soon! He is also standing a lot more now, we can tell his legs are very strong. He is still quite wobbly when it comes to sitting up, but he can sit up by himself for a few seconds hunched really low as if he was trying to eat his foot. Hmm, as a matter of fact, he has been eating his foot a few times now... haha.

I've also started dressing him in "big boy's clothes" now. I've held it off for the longest time because he looks so cute in onesies. There is also something about onesies that makes him a BABY. I guess he is no longer a baby. Being an active toddler that he is, I guess he should be wearing cool and spunky big boy's clothing now. Even his pyjamas are no longer onesies. He loves a warm, fleecy top and those fleecy pants that also covers the foot so no need for socks. Such a big boy!

He is STILL not sleeping through the night. Whatever the reasons may be - whether it's because he hasn't started solids, or because he is developing all these new motor skills, or simply because he may be experiencing some kind of discomfort e.g. teething, wind, too hot, too cold, etc... I know the time will come when he is developmentally ready. Only 3 more weeks and we can start introducing solid foods to him. Baby Led Weaning allows him to be able to feed himself - pick up food and put it in his own mouth, and be an independant eater without depending on mum or dad to spoon feed him mushy food. That is just my choice when it comes to introducing solids to Micah. I just want to be able to take him anywhere, pop him on a high chair, and share my meal with him without worrying about packing his "special foods" whenever we go out.

Okay I am off to take a nap. We just got home from Chadstone to catch up with a friend and to shop for a nephew's birthday present. I haven't even cooked dinner yet.. usually I would've prepared dinner by now, maybe we can have that Thai takeaway I've been craving all week?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yumbums Bottom Balm for Bubs

Product Talk by Nuffnang

Micah is not huge on nappy rash but occasionally he does get the redness around his bum. That is why I decided to put my hand up for this Product Review opportunity offered by Nuffnang for Yumbums. Yumbums contains only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. Formulated by a qualified naturopath, Gali Lenko, it contains no petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates or synthetic fragrances. This product is fully Australian made and owned and can be ordered online at (RRP $18.50).

First impression, what did I think of it? Well I opened my little Yumbums jar and let out a little giggle because the colour reminded me of Micah's poo. I know, gross. Sorry. I couldn't help it! It smells a little bit funny too, a bit of coconut and even a hint of caramel (I could just be imagining it!). But I suppose like most things, you should not judge a book by its cover. In this case, by its looks and smell. Once applied onto the skin, it actually smoothens out into a lovely layer of natural moisture. Not sticky, not oily. Just smooth and natural and a little bit moist. Perfect for a baby's bum!

Yumbums can also be used for any irritated skin conditions for adults and children such as, eczema. Its ingredients are naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and extremely healing to the skin.

Therefore in my opinion, it's good to have one of these around as a multi purpose skin balm not just for your baby and children, but for adults too! The fact that it's made out of all natural ingredients is a bonus. There is too many products out there made out of chemicals we don't need!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week 21: My Baby is Turning Into An Active Toddler!

I had doubts this week about whether or not I would be able to find time to write this blog post. Micah is quickly becoming quite a handful as he seems to need less and less sleep during the day and plays a lot more actively with his commando crawling. All this is great, means that my boy is developing his motor skills very well and very quickly picking up new skills - but it is definitely affecting his sleep patterns. It's like he would wake up in the middle of the night and realise "Hey, why am I not crawling around or looking at stimulating colours and playing with my toys?!" or he would eventually appear "bored of sleeping" and scream to be picked up. I know the difference between "I'm bored" screaming and "I'm tired" screaming though... the "I'm tired" screaming usually can be re-settled with constant pats and shooshing and he will fall right back to sleep. It's the "I'm bored and I've had enough sleep" screaming at 5.30am that drives me nuts!

So it is becoming harder and harder for me to keep up. It would probably be easier if he's giving me good night sleeps, but he is waking up every 2-3 hourly most nights and he seems to be ready to start the day before 6am! Thankfully, hubby has been amazing throughout this whole phase. Hubby has been waking up early to let Micah have a play while he eats his breakfast and watches the news in the morning before going off to work. This allows me to have just that extra hour of sleep every morning, which makes a HUGE difference! Micah used to sleep 2 hours for his morning nap.. now, I'd be lucky if I get ONE hour! Basically I have to keep him busy all morning - making sure he is stimulated, playing, moving, so we go out and do things and I make sure he gets tired so he will sleep better in the afternoon.

Mothers Group 1 May 2012 @ My Place

Which is why during this time, Mothers Group on Tuesdays is a blessing. It is great for Micah to have that interaction with other babies - and it is healthy for me to have adult conversations with other mums. I've also started taking Micah to Play Group at church now on Wednesdays. I try to organise Play Dates with friends who have also had babies too during the week. All these "activities" keep Micah and I busy... but boy is it tiring! I am so not ready for my baby to turn into an active toddler.. who can crawl around faster than he already can, or WALK around or RUN around - I'd have to really build up my stamina to be able to keep up and chase him around!

Gone are the days when I can just sit there and hold him and make funny faces and he would be amused... gone are the days when I can just leave him on the playmat for 2 minutes and come back and he would still be right where I left him... gone are the days when I can relax and watch my TV shows during the day while he has his long naps!! Those days are GONE!! Now his naps are all about catching up on house chores otherwise when else would I get to do it?!

Precious times - babies at play
OK I guess it's not TOO bad. If I get all my chores done during the day, including cook dinner, by the time Micah goes to bed at 7pm every night, I have at least 3 hours to relax and do whatever I want. Those 3 hours keep me sane. Some nights when I am just too tired, I go to bed by 9pm just to catch up on my sleep. Once sleep is caught up though, the whole motherhood experience becomes a lot more enjoyable and the baby seems a lot less grumpy. So, I've concluded that as long as I get enough rest - nothing is too hard. It is hard to function when you are tired. Even a perfectly behaved baby would seem like a handful when you are tired. 

In saying that, I am so thankful that Micah is a beautiful baby. He is perfectly content most days, he is very generous with his smiles and giggles, he loves being held by other people (no attachment issues there at all!) which gives me a good break every now and then and he's just such a good baby. I just hope and pray that his sleep routine at night improves really soon. He's done it before so I KNOW he can do it again! 

Oooppss... someone is awake and whinging. Better get to him!