Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Week 16: A Picnic & Rolling Over

Beautiful cupcake made by one of the mums (mums in the blurry background during our picnic!)
It's only Wednesday and already this week has been a roller coaster ride! Micah and I had a fairly big day on Monday. I went and took a blood test just to check my Iron and Vitamin D levels. Then we went and did our BIG weekly grocery shop, bigger than usual because I was hosting a casual dinner party on Monday night. I prepared a 3-course dinner but really I cheated - Entree was Pumpkin Soup from a can, Mains were Roast Lamb already premarinated plus roast potatoes, pumpkin, onions, sweet potatoes, mushroom and thyme plus steamed veggies, and Dessert was a bought cheesecake. I'm a busy mum I don't have time to cook yummy food from scratch! Yes, it was yummy :-)

By the time our dinner guest left, which was after midnight, I was absolutely knackered. I woke up the next day feeling run down, extremely tired and groggy. Remember I have broken sleep because of feeding a baby in the middle of the night... so unfortunately I had to skip Mums Group on Tuesday and just stay at home. Tuesday wasn't a good day. Micah has decided to change his 2-hourly day sleep habits to 40 minute cat napping. This so didn't help on the day I felt so tired.. he cried hysterically after 40 minutes of sleep and I was unable to resettle him. By the time he had his second nap and cried on and off for 20 minutes whilst I'm trying to resettle him, I pretty much cried. Thankfully my dear friend Leah decided to come over and she helped ease the pressure of looking after him on my own.  Usually, Micah sleeps a total of 5 hours during the day... on this day, he slept less than 3 hours...... take note of this for a later part of this story!

We then went to our usual Tuesday night Alpha Course and Micah had a little nap but was awake most of the time. By the time we got home, gave him a bath, a feed and put him to bed it was 10.45pm and he was so tired he went to sleep straight away. I was sure he would sleep through the night, after all it was so late! He would usually sleep 6 hours (his longest record was 8 hours!) before waking up for a feed at night anyway... but nooooo, he woke up at 3.30am, then 6.30am and we finally got out of bed at 8.40am this morning. So so frustrating but at least I got more sleep last night than the night before because I went to bed as soon as Micah was asleep! So basically, the fact that he didn't sleep well during the day meant that he also struggled to sleep well that night.

Micah now very aware of what he sees and touches... ooo dummy!!
Thankfully, it seems yesterday could've been a once off.. fingers crossed. He went to bed again at 10.15am this morning and didn't get up until 12.30pm! So we were running late to our Mums Group Get Together Picnic at Wilsons Botanical Gardens. It was great to see everyone especially since I've missed our last official Mums Group meeting yesterday. From now on, it is basically catching up and meeting up whenever and wherever we decide on our own. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for a picnic. Micah was well rested and reasonably well behaved, and now that we're home I'm writing this blog post because he is fast asleep in his cot :-)

Micah also started rolling over earlier on this week! We are SO proud of him, especially since he's not even 4 months old yet. We caught this proud moment on video, and since then he also showed off his new skill at Alpha last night and everyone clapped, lol!

Also VERY excited that my youngest sister is coming down to Melbourne with my parents in June. It was originally going to be just my parents, but turns out she'll be on uni holidays just before she jets off to the U.S. to study so I'm so happy she will get to meet Micah while he's still a baby! After all, who knows when she will get to see Micah next once she's in the U.S. - she could be studying overseas for YEARS and being so far away she may not go back to Malaysia very often let alone visit her sister and nephew in Australia! So I can't wait for June.. would be good also to just hand Micah over to my parents in the morning and go back to sleep..... hehe!! :p

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Week 15: A series of funny photos & a movie

Micah and I went to our first Mums and Bubs Movie Session today with a few other mums from Mums Group. We saw "21 Jump Street" which was very funny but I had to "cover Micah's ears" a few times because of all the swearing throughout the movie. Thankfully, Micah did not stay awake for very long. I started feeding him at the start of the movie and then put him back in his pram and minutes later he fell asleep. When the movie finished, he was STILL asleep! I don't know how he slept through all that noise, the movie was VERY noisy but I'm just glad he wasn't awake to actually "watch" that movie. Glad that went well! It was a fun day :)

All the babies at the cinema before the movie started.. in case you can't tell, Micah is the one waving lol.
Sleeping peacefully during the movie...

At Mums Group this week we talked about Starting Solids, but mostly we let our babies play with each other and took lots of photos! Here are some funny photos of Cooper and Micah:

Cooper: Haha, I got your hair!
Micah: Oh yeah? I got your shirt!

Cooper: Look I can roll over!      Micah: Look I can push you away!
Cooper: Excuse me, that's MY arm you're trying to eat..    Micah: Sorry I was aiming for mine, where did it go?!
Cooper: Can you let go of my shirt now please?
Cooper: (getting upset) Mummy! Micah won't let go of my shirt!   Micah: Ooopppsss... busted.....
Mums: Boys, play nice!      Boys: Let's just both act innocent and cry together now.. waaaaaa....

Monday, March 19, 2012

Babies Don't Keep

This is the perfect poem for any new mother. Thanks to my dear friend Cat who posted this on Facebook today when I struggled with an unsettled Micah whilst stressing about the neverending list of chores. I was feeling so frustrated at Micah for being unsettled because I had to just hold him, entertain him, rock him and just focus my entire attention on him all morning and couldn't get all the stuff I wanted to get done, done.

Then this poem helped me get my priorities straight. Chores can wait, but my baby will not remain a baby for long. Before we know it, he will be all grown up and it will happen too quickly. I shouldn't worry about anything else other than enjoying him and spending time with him. Many years from now, I'm sure I won't care about the memories of having a clean house. But I will definitely hang on to the memories of his cute little smile, and his giggles, and his little quirks and even his cries... his cooing sounds that he's currently so good at, and the way he looks at me with so much adoration just wanting my love and affection. THAT is what matters.

Alpha Weekend Away 16-18 March 2012

Hubby and I have been involved in our church's Alpha Course this year and we have been attending it (with Micah being the youngest ever Alpha participant, lol) every Tuesday night for the past 6 weeks. With 4 more weeks to go, part of the course is to spend a weekend away at camp and have more sessions and discussions "away from everything else". It was a great weekend. We arrived on Friday night and had Fish N Chips for dinner. Then we had a Spoons Tournament - with 15 people playing it took FOREVER to finish so I "surrendered" and went to bed at 10.30pm. Hubby ended up winning. Micah ended up breaking his sleep record and slept 7.5 hours straight from 8pm - 3.30am! He usually sleeps 5-6 hours before his feed so that was quite impressive! So good to only have to get up ONCE to feed him in the middle of the night...

Hubby got up at 5am to start fishing with the boys at Emerald Lake just 100m down the road from our campsite at Wombat Corner, Emerald. Micah and I went and joined them at 6.30am and walked around the lake. Then we just sat where the boys were fishing and enjoyed the morning fresh air. It was a very cold morning though, so Micah and I had some great cuddles.

After breakfast on Saturday, we had two video sessions (and discussion) in the morning. Our room was just next to the main area where everything was happening, so I conveniently put Micah back to sleep in his portacot and just took the Baby Monitor with me during the sessions.

Bacon Quiche at lunch
Chicken Quiche at lunch
Salads and breads to share
We all brought some cakes, biscuits, chips, snacks, fruit, etc to share throughout the weekend

Then on Saturday afternoon after lunch, we had some free time so we went down to Emerald Village Bakery and Cafe for a coffee and some snacks. Then walked around a little bit before heading back to camp. A separate blog post is posted on my food blog Kimba's Kitchen for photos and reviews of the famous Emerald Bakery. Click here to view.

We continued with another session at 4pm and then dinner, and then we played "Creationary".

On Sunday morning after breakfast, we had one last session and then a mini church service and then it was time to pack up and go! On our way home, we had lunch at Cardinia Park Hotel, Beaconsfield with some of our friends. This is a separate blog post on Kimba's Kitchen.

Micah enjoying being held by dad at lunch
My little cutie pie :)
My beautiful baby boy then fell asleep in his capsule so both hubby and I could peacefully enjoy our lunch :)
Overall, it was a great weekend! I love camps :-)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week 14: Baby Massage, Nappy Bag & Immunisation

Today at Mums Group we learnt Baby Massage! Micah was stripped completely and I got him some Baby Oil and he seems to not mind the massage at all! Can't say he completely loves it.. he wasn't cooing and smiling all the way or anything, lol. But he sure wasn't fussing and seemed pretty content while I was massaging him so that's good I guess!

At Mums Group during the Baby Massage session :-)
Micah and his friend Cooper at Mums Group
I also bought a nappy bag today. It was crazy how I found "hidden energy" just at the mention of "30% Discount" and "Target" and "Red Nappy Bag"... you see, I've been feeling tired and sleepy all day and have been snoozing on and off with Micah right up to lunchtime. But when my dear friend Leah texted me those 3 magic words and I looked it up online, I knew I wanted to get this nappy bag. ONLY $35 from Target after the discount! Soooo happy I finally have my own nappy bag. The bag I've been using is an old second hand bag and whilst it was functional and served its purpose well, it wasn't ME. It needed more pockets so I can be more organised and not have everything thrown into one big space, making things hard to find. It needed to be RED to match Micah's pram. It needed to be COOL because I am a bag person. Obsessed with bags. So very happy with my purchase today :)


Front view
Front compartment opened up with all the little pockets
The main inside compartment for storing nappies, sick rags, face washers, toys, etc. Even has a zip locked plastic area for anything you need to separate. Also inside pockets. And the cooler things is soooo cool. For MY water bottle of course since Micah is breastfeeding and I don't have to take his bottle around. Maybe for next time if I decide to express!
Back view, the change mat neatly folded up.
The attached change mat is very handy, plus MORE little pockets!
More little pockets on both sides of the bag as well as a little pouch to store the dummy!
And lastly, Micah has Immunisations on Thursday. So not looking forward to having a grumpy baby. The last time he had immunisations he was so grumpy for 24 hours. Thank goodness for Baby Panadol though, this time around I know to give it to him sooner before he gets to that grumpy stage. We're also going away to Emerald this weekend for our Alpha Weekend Away, that should be interesting. Hopefully grumpy boy will no longer be grumpy during the weekend away otherwise we may need to excuse ourselves from some of the sessions in order not to disrupt others!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Decking Project (Part 4)

No, our decking is not finished yet. I guess I was kinda hoping we'd be out shopping for a new BBQ and outdoor furniture tomorrow since it's the long weekend and all.. but I guess that will have to be another weekend. PROGRESS is always good though! At least most of the hard work is out of the way and we are getting soooooo close to having a functional deck.

How cute is our little rabbit Cookie! She's been loving having a play under our deck. I think she will spend a lot of time hiding underneath it when it's finished - we probably won't see much of her!
On Saturday, hubby and a good mate Vince nailed some of these black rubbery bits on top of the wood. The whole purpose of these black stuff is to stop water from getting trapped between the decking wood and the wood below, as that would make the wood rot quicker. These black things SHOULD encourage water when it rains to pour straight down to the ground below.

And then they spent 4 LONG HOURS getting just the FIRST deck right. I suppose it is a bit of work. They needed to trim the wood to go in the edges of our house perfectly, and they had to make sure that it is perfectly straight. Apparently once you get the FIRST line of deck perfect, the rest will just follow.

And the rest followed today (Sunday). Hubby took 1 and half hours to do the 2nd deck, but then he only took 30 minutes to do the 3rd deck. So I suppose the more and more he does it the more he will get the hang of it and work more efficiently and quickly!

After that, he spent a bit of time just laying the rest of the wood there so we can basically walk around our unscrewed decking, lol. It is SO cool to see it coming together! I know it could be a couple more weekends away, but it is so exciting!!

Can't wait to have friends over having drinks out on our new deck :-)

Can't wait to do everything else too! The playground, the plants all around the fence, a flat backyard with neat grass and watching hubby and Micah kick a soccer ball around our backyard someday. Aaahhhh......

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Week 13: Too Many Things to Mention in a Title!

I should really be doing some tidying up and cleaning around the house now that Micah is having his afternoon sleep, but instead I choose to sit here and write my weekly blog post. Hey looks like I got my priorities straight! I have lots to share this week, I have no idea where to start. I'm really enjoying life at the moment, being a mum truly agrees with me. It helps that Micah is such a good baby, well most of the time anyway. He did have ONE bad night a few nights ago, when he basically woke up every 2 hours during the night. The next night, he's back to normal so phew!

The nursery coming along nicely!
Update on my Shopping Spree:
Last week I wrote about stuff I wanted to get e.g. a new carseat, an armchair and a high chair. I am so happy with how things turned out! Well firstly, I did not get the armchair I wanted off eBay. I was only willing to spend $60 on it and it went all the way up to $200! Thankfully, my dear friend Leah has an old armchair just sitting in her garage and she's made a cover for it so it doesn't look bad at all. She very kindly gave that armchair to me! She ALSO gave me the IKEA high chair as she would prefer matching high chairs for her expected twins. So, I got an armchair AND a high chair for FREE! Thank you so very much Leah! xoxo

Then I bought a foot rest / ottoman / storage box from eBay for about $40 brand new including shipping. It is really good and sturdy! It's a CASA MIA storage box / ottoman and it's very solid and sturdy for sitting on, and it's always handy to have an extra storage box in the nursery. Still not sure when we will move Micah's cot into the nursery yet. I think I still want to make sure he sleeps more during the night before taking the big leap of moving him. Maybe when he starts solids? At about 6 months? Maybe. We shall see.

Oh and I am SO happy I managed to buy the Safe N Sound Royale Convertible Baby Car Seat also off eBay for only $76! There were two other car seats that were exactly the same, and they sold for $130 and $150! So I snapped the cheapest bargain. Yayy me!

I drove to Bayswater to pick up the seat from a lovely lady who has got two girls who are now in school. I stayed and chatted a little bit longer than I normally would with an eBay seller, lol. I suppose mums ALWAYS have things to chat about!

Mums Group This Week:
Speaking of mums, I had fun at Mums Group this week. It was my turn to bring afternoon tea, so I baked some Lemon and Blueberry Mini Muffins. It looks like I have gotten along very well with two particular ladies who live just down the road, so we are all within walking distance from each other. We all went back to one of the ladies' house for a coffee after Mums Group and had a great chat while the babies sort of "played" together. Well, all our babies are still very young so they just sort of LAID there and looked at each other lol!

A new Sleeping Record!
Hubby and I are currently attending the Alpha Course at our church every Tuesday nights. So, by the time Micah gets home and we give him a bath and a feed, he really only goes to bed by 11pm. Usually, he would be asleep while we are at the course. Last night, he stayed awake most of the time so that must've tired him out because he fell asleep as soon as I put him in his cot.

Here's the best bit. Micah went to bed at 11pm. I went to bed just very shortly after. When was I woken up? 5.30AM!! That means I just had my first solid 6 and a half hours of uninterrupted sleep ever since Micah was born! Micah easily sleeps 6 hours these days anyway, but he usually goes to bed at 8pm and I don't. So by the time I go to bed, I maybe get 3 hours sleep before his next feed, and then he would only sleep another 4 hours before it's time to start the day. So YAYYY to sleep!!

A new Exercise Routine
And lastly, I've been pretty determined lately to get into a exercise routine that I can keep up realistically without the risk of losing motivation because it is "too hard". I have been taking breastfeeding for granted this whole time, not really watching what I eat or doing any exercise because it's actually quite impossible for me to be gaining weight while I'm breastfeeding this much. The problem is, I'm not really LOSING weight either and I really want to lose weight now. So, I am starting to eat healthier and plan to walk Micah in his pram at least 30 minutes each day as exercise. So far this week, I have walked 3 days in a row (one of them was a BIG walk with hills at Wilsons Botanic Gardens and I was stuffed by the end of it!) and already I feel better, and have already lost 1.5kg in less than a week. Amazing! Must. Keep. Exercising. Breastfeeding is REALLY helping the weight drop very quickly if I eat healthy and exercise! Must. Take. Advantage. Of. This. Lol.

OK I better do some cleaning before Micah wakes up...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Decking Project (Part 3)

Our decking is coming along quite nicely!! I'm getting so excited because we are SO close to having a nice little decking area.. in fact, it now looks a lot bigger than I thought it would be! It will be able to fit a BBQ, a large outdoor entertainment setting and then a bit more space!

The drainage is done. The pipes are in. The rocks have been spread on the ground. The posts have been stained. The wood has been laid over the posts!! So the final part is now to lay the actual DECKING wood itself.. the most EXCITING part of all!! Hopefully my next blog update will be the COMPLETION of the decking project.

Got the rocks from Mitre 10 delivered to our house. I forgot to take photos when they first arrived. This is after most of it has been moved.. oops! :p
The rocks laid on the ground. I forgot to take photos of the piping underneath the rocks!!
And this is what our decking looked like as of 5pm today. Looking good!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

VIDEO: Playtime at 12 Weeks

I took this video of Micah towards the end of his playtime so he's a bit grizzly and grumpy almost ready for bedtime. FYI that "noise" at the start of the video wasn't a fart.. it was a grunt, lol! As you can see, he can now hold on to things and he's a bit of a chatterbox! Also looks like he's getting ready to roll over too. It's so amazing! Just a couple of months ago he can barely focus on anything now he is fully alert and curious about EVERYTHING!