Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 37: Chest Freezer!!

Writing this post makes me very happy, because I've finally managed to convince hubby that we need a chest freezer! Well, I need a chest freezer. It just so happened to be perfect timing - with a baby on its way, and my birthday and Christmas all coming together at the same time, I told him what I wanted as a present and that's a CHEST FREEZER!!

So, even though my birthday is not until the 10th of December and Christmas is more than 3 weeks away - I got my chest freezer nice and early so I can start shopping, stocking up, cooking and freezing meals for those post baby days when I will no longer be bothered to cook or possibly not physically able to do anything else but tend to the newborn demanding ALL of my attention!

We bought this chest freezer off a seller on eBay - it's a really good 210L Westinghouse Chest Freezer in perfect condition, only costed us $210 (haha $1 per litre?) and we only had to pick it up from Pakenham which is 15 minutes away. Too easy!

Ever since Thursday (when hubby and mate went to pick it up), I've been to CostCo on Friday, Tasman Meats on Saturday and cooked 3-4 dishes and now have a freezer FULL of frozen meals, meat, convenience meals, some snacks e.g. dim sims, etc... it's fantastic!!

To check out the meals I've cooked and freezed, please visit my food blog

Hubby went with me to Tasman Meats and Chicken was on special for only $1.99 a kg! See, we couldn't have possibly bought all that chicken in bulk without a chest freezer. Now we have enough chicken to last us MONTHS!!

So, Week 37 and I am almost there. Baby technically can come out any minute now.. at least we are one step closer to being fully ready. Just need to pack my hospital bags and pick up TENS machine now. Even the baby clothes have been washed!! The house is a bit messy at the moment, but I've given up on vacuuming and mopping - I get too sore, so hubby will have to take care of those chores for me for now. Hhmmm.. I can smell my Rice Porridge bubbling away in the pot, best get to it!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 36: "Final Weeks Are The Toughest"

No kidding. Here I am, having people say to me "not long to go now..." and "hang in there..." and occasionally (though I haven't really used this phrase very often, yet) I say "get this baby out of me!!" - I plan to save that phrase for when I'm actually overdue, if I actually go overdue. 

Baby's not due until the 21st of December. BUT my mother had all three of her children 1-2 weeks early. I believe genetics do play an influential part in this whole childbirth thing, so I have faith that our baby will be early. How early? Only time will tell.. I try not to feel anxious, I try not to "wait around".. but this past week has been such an emotional, mental and physical roller coaster that a part of me maybe just wants this baby out so I can hold him outside of my body, not inside.

His kicking and squirming have been more intense than ever. It is literally moving my belly back and forth, side to side, and some kicks are harder than others - which actually feel quite uncomfortable and sometimes very painful I have to stop whatever I'm doing.

The past two days, I have had problems with diarrhea. Sorry if this is too much information - but anything pregnancy and childbirth related has lost its private factor many blog posts, forums, websites, books and classes ago. Last night was particular bad, I got woken up at 4am firstly by the intense sudden kicking - and then the stomach discomfort, and then I sat on the toilet for 45 minutes, and then I tried to go back to sleep, no luck, was hungry, so I got up and cooked myself some Chicken Noodles, and ate my noodles and watched a TV show, then back to bed at 6am. That's 4am - 6am of NOT SLEEPING in the middle of the night. Then, I got woken up to go to church and I wasn't ready to wake up.. I was exhausted. But I got up anyway, felt miserable at church, emotional that I wasn't feeling too good, and cried a few times at church. Then, I ate Sri Lankan food for lunch and my stomach got all upset all over again.. and the cycle continues... why did I have that curry. Because I really wanted curry. I can't get enough of spicy food during my pregnancy. It's so bad, yet so good.

This week was also particularly bad with the hay fever and the warm weather. I was pretty sure I was going into labour on Friday. My belly has dropped and I felt pains down my pelvic area and my uterus felt like it was contracting. Obviously false alarm, otherwise this post would've been a "HE IS BORN!" post... and although I've had many Braxton Hicks in the past few months, this past week my Braxton Hicks "practice" contractions have been more intense than ever.

Notice the trending words... "more.... than ever"?

This week I also had a mid week emotional breakdown. It was one of those days when I've scheduled too much to do in one day. Bigggg mistake. I felt so overwhelmed by the list of chores and having people over for Bible Study the night before meant that the house was in a mess and I wasn't exactly feeling the fittest or the most mobile to get that tidy up done as quickly as I used to be able to. I drove to my sister in law's and picked up lots of baby stuff she was so kind to give me, and then went to the shops, and by the time I got home, I had to unload all that stuff from my car in the HEAT, all that stuff piled up at the front door, the HEAT made me all hot and bothered. Even though I turned the AC on, it was too late by then, I was already hot and bothered. The house was a mess, the stuff needed to be packed away, I was hot, I had a bad hay fever attack, I still had a list of chores to do, and EVERYTHING just fell apart right then and there. 

I had a massive cry. I called hubby and said "Can you please come home.." while sobbing uncontrollably. Hubby had no idea what to do.. he listened and he told me to not think of everything all at once, just focus on one thing at a time. He calmed me down, and he also came home. What a precious man.

So this week, I plan to take it easy. No more scheduling things to do that "fill up my days". Who cares if I don't get much done during the day.. I'm on MATERNITY leave I am supposed to be resting and looking after myself. Because of all the social things I had this week, my swimming has been neglected. That is probably why I am feeling more sore than ever this week compared to previous weeks.

The final weeks are supposed to be the toughest.. hopefully this past week was my toughest and I don't have to go through that again. 

(Oohhh.. give me a minute while my baby gives me one of his strong kicks...)

He is so strong and active :-)

I can't wait to hold him, and yet at the same time I want this time to last as long as possible, just these final moments when it's just hubby and I, and I get to sleep as much as I want... 

A lot of mixed emotions at this stage of my pregnancy... and it is all beautiful, wonderful feelings I wouldn't trade for anything else in the world. Hubby and I are waiting, and we are anxiously waiting for our little bundle of joy to come into our lives and make us a real FAMILY.

Thank you God for this gift and we pray you keep both of us safe and pray for a smooth delivery of our baby MICAH SOLOMON PETERSON...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Next on my "To Do" List:

  • Write Thank You cards
  • Write a simple Baby Plan / Breastfeeding Plan just as a guide
  • Wash baby clothes
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Fit baby carseat / capsule
  • Attend Church Music Team Christmas Dinner (25/11)
  • Attend Brother in Law's 21st Birthday Party (2/12)
  • Our 4th Wedding Anniversary (9/12)
  • My 28th Birthday & Nephew's 3rd Birthday (10/12)
That is all I dare to schedule - considering D-Day could happen any minute in December, I might not even make it to my own Birthday Dinner let alone commit to Christmas Lunch!

Week 35: Busy Bee!

I absolutely LOVE being on Maternity Leave. You would've thought it would be hard to fill up my days - oh it is quite the opposite. With all this TIME I suddenly have available, I have pretty much filled up most of my days with activities and being quite productive. I go for a swim 3 times a week, I organise lunch catch ups with friends, done some Christmas shopping, up to date with my laundry, house is reasonably tidy at all times, and of course kept up with my medical appointments which are becoming more and more frequent now that we are nearing D-Day.

Of course, every now and then I have my lazy and "can't be bothered" days.. like today. I just didn't feel like doing anything. I felt almost depressed, although I know I wasn't really depressed - I just didn't feel like going out of the house and felt quite happy to "hide" within the comforting walls of my home and not face the world. That stage is over now, it's almost bedtime and I look forward to getting on with my day tomorrow - starting with a trip to Officeworks, then swim, then Physio appointment, then have Growth Group come over for our regular Tuesday Night Bible Study.

Anyway, here's a run through of what I've been up to the past couple of weeks:

29/10/2011: Attended a Wedding
Hubby and I drove over an hour to our destination - Neerim South / Drouin - and attended a lovely wedding and I not only survived the whole day, but also really enjoyed it! I wore really sensible shoes so my feet were not sore at all, and got all dressed up in my red dress and even got up on the dancefloor a couple of times during the reception. We left at a reasonable time (just after 10pm) and got home just after 11pm so I had a restful sleep afterwards.

30/10/2011: Attended Hubby's Parents 60th Birthday
The next day, again we drove an hour to our destination - Werribee - for hubby's parents combined 60th Birthday Party. It was an afternoon tea and the sister in laws did a lot to help out e.g. made beautiful slices and cakes, etc and organised activities - I didn't really do much except for maybe help out a little in the kitchen to serve up the food. It was a bit more difficult this time around as they weren't really a lot of chairs available, so I occasionally sneaked out of the party to have a bit of a rest at the house. Overall though, it was a lovely afternoon and yes I survived again!

31/10/2011: Ramen & Karaoke in the City
The next day, AGAIN I travelled over an hour (by train) into the city to catch up with my food bloggger friends - we had ramen for dinner and had lots of fun karaoke-ing. I was sensible enough to leave just after 10pm and got home just in time to have a long, deep sleep. The next day I was supposed to "party on" again at a Melbourne Cup Lunch, but fatigue kicked in and I chose sleep.

5/11/2011: Attended a Breastfeeding Education Class
I not only attended this class, which was great to learn all about breastfeeding and meet new mums, etc.. but I also signed up to be a member of the Australian Breastfeeding Association. Great to have a support group and yes, I am officially becoming a mum and being part of a Mothers' Group of various types of interest and activities, etc. Gee - wait til the baby gets here - I just wonder how much busier my weeks will be with the addition of Play Groups, etc. Busy life of a mum!

8/11/2011: Baked some Cupcakes
I thought I'd mention this just because it is so RARE for me to actually bake.
Chocolate Banana Cupcakes - recipe available at
12/11/2011: Had a small Baby Shower / Lunch Gathering of a small group of friends
I did not end up having a BIG Baby Shower (where I originally invited over 60 people, which was a crazy idea then it got too hard to organise so I cancelled it) but we did decide to have a small gathering of close friends over for lunch - and that was my Baby Shower. It was a special afternoon. Lunch was fairly simple to organise - I made Nachos as Entree, then I just chopped up a whole lot of carrots, cucumber, capsicum, spring onion, tomatoes, salad leaves, hard boiled eggs and cooked up some chicken - and then just got people to make their own wraps. My dear friend Leah made a GORGEOUS cake and made some lovely "cake pops". My sister in law Hannah organised some games & activities - Guess The Baby, Onesie Decorating, Pop the Balloons - and hubby got the guys to do "guy stuff" for us, hehe, a flat pack shoe cabinet was assembled and our brand new Baby Jogger pram was put together.

Gorgeous Ladybird Cake made with love by my dear friend Leah
Even came with an Icing Jar of Cream!
Leah also went the distance and made these AMAZING cake pops!

Decorated Onesies!
We had plenty of food leftover - so the "party" continued as some friends stayed for dinner and we also had some family over for dinner. By the end of the day, I was utterly exhausted. It was great that we had just the small group of people there though, if we had ALL of our friends there, yes it would mean a lot to us that they were all there, but it would've been too difficult to manage! So, I'll have to catch up with various groups of friends individually at separate lunch / dinner sessions.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has given us baby things whether they are hand me down clothes, toys, sheets and linen, furniture, accessories, baby daily essentials, pregnancy tips, advice, books, gifts or anything baby related - THANK YOU so much for your thoughtful gifts and making this whole experience so much easier and less overwhelming for us. You know who you are, if you are reading this, we are really grateful for your love and support for us and our baby. We are truly blessed to have family and friends like you.