Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 26: (Good) Changes at Work

Just a quick update: I had a chat to my boss at work on Friday about dropping down to part-time work, only 4 days a week and having Mondays off - and he said YES! I am sooo happy, the extra day will mean that my weekends are longer and therefore I am more relaxed, I get to recover if I just had a busy weekend, I get to schedule my house chores and "To Do"s and doctor's appointments on a Monday, and I get the extra day to go to the gym for a swim. Basically look after myself a little bit more, and less stress from work / house work perspective....

Well today's my first Monday off and hubby's decided to work from home - so I'm happy!

There's only about 7 weeks left until I'm off on maternity leave anyway, then I'll have all the time in the world before the baby arrives. Hopefully my body doesn't get too sore with all that extra weight, so I can actually get everything I want to get done, DONE!

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  1. take too much of work at the same time ya.