Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And It's A.....

In most pregnancies, the 20-week scan is one of the most important and exciting milestones! Yes, I am only 19 weeks pregnant but we had to do our scan a bit earlier so I can have peace of mind travelling to Malaysia for a holiday next week. 

Hubby and I were very excited, and a bit nervous earlier today! After all, we haven't seen our baby for 12 whole weeks since we had our first scan at 7 weeks. Hubby and I have decided to skip the scans in betweens (the scans for Down Syndrome, etc) because it wasn't going to change anything and we just had faith that God will take care of our baby.

At just 7 weeks during our first ultrasound, our baby was the mere size of a jelly bean:

Scan at 7 weeks

Today, we saw a healthy and very active baby! Maybe it was the orange juice I drank in the morning (someone told me if you wanted to see your baby move around drink orange juice before the scan).. but the bub was super active and kicking its legs and moving its arms and playing hide and seek, our scan took longer than normal because the cheeky bub couldn't sit still!

Scan at 19 weeks

We couldn't really take a good, full length photo of the baby because the camera wasn't one of those cameras that allowed us to see the whole thing. It was also a pretty "long-ish" baby so the most full length we could capture was between its head and its knees! That photo is blurry though, so I'm not posting it on here.

Anyway, I'm sure you've noticed I've just gone "it" the whole time... yes, we did find out the sex of the baby... and I suppose this is the moment some of you have been waiting for... some of you have probably scrolled through this whole blog post just to read this final sentence...

Yep, there is absolutely NO DOUBT (the scan showed a very clear view) that we are having a baby BOY!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 18: Feeling Strangely Normal

I feel strangely... normal, today. No bloating. My belly is not showing as much as it did a few days ago (bloating probably contributed to how big my belly looks day by day). Nausea hasn't been happening for a while now, which is fantastic. My lower back pains definitely gone, for now. I actually feel almost, not pregnant! Is there something wrong??

Deep down I know I'm just having a good, pain-free day and I am thankful for this. After all, they say the 2nd trimester is the best time for the pregnancy and we are supposed to feel the happiest and the liveliest. I suppose that equates to feeling "normal". Every woman also goes through pregnancy differently and there is no concrete symptom that every woman should face at any stage of the pregnancy... so if I feel like I am showing less today, that's probably because I've been showing more other days because I was bloated! I am not a skinny person, so naturally I don't expect to really show until much later.

Here are some basic stats so far:
  • Baby Movements? None
  • Cravings? Nothing out of the ordinary. Although I do find eating veggies extremely difficult as I do not find them tasty / appealing AT ALL. In saying that, I seem to prefer leafy greens e.g. bok choy and salad greens over more solid "colorful" veggies e.g. carrot, capsicum, etc. I also have a nasty craving for unhealthy food - deep fried goodness. As I said, nothing out of the ordinary - I have always liked fried foods and looks like I'm not the least bit turned off by greasy goodness just because I'm pregnant. Occasionally I feel like having something sweet e.g. cake / desserts a lot more than usual. I also have a strange want for watermelons. And I seem to like eating pasta more than I did before. But basically, nothing unusual!
  • Physical Activity? I have been very, very naughty and not exercising enough. I should walk more often and maybe take up swimming. Or a Pilates class. Anything. Something. Need to work on this, argh!!
  • Energy Levels? Not much energy at all. I find grocery shopping tiring, and pushing the trolley and carrying bags of groceries usually results in a sore back. I also find vacuuming / mopping tedious. I take afternoon naps whenever I can (on weekends). I find it extremely difficult to get out of bed in time every morning...
  • Sleeping Patterns? I have officially switched sides with hubby due to the recommended sleeping on the left side is better for the bub, bla bla bla. So now I have gotten used to sleeping on the left side of the bed and I get good night sleeps so far which is great :)
Well that was a boring post... :p

Monday, July 18, 2011

Party Mama!

Last Friday night, hubby and I threw a massive party at our house to celebrate his 27th birthday. It wasn't a significant birthday, but we decided to throw a huge party anyway - after all, we may not have this luxury of big parties after the baby is born!

So we filled up the entire bathtub with beers, and I had hot food coming out every 30 minutes, and our house was packed with people just chatting away, or having a game of pool, or playing SingStar of Guitar Hero, or just chilling outside (literally chillin' as it was a zero degrees winter night) by the firepit with some marshmallows.
It was a fun night. I was surprised I managed to stay up until 3am! Yes, people who stayed back were singing away on SingStar right up to 3am. Then the boys stayed up until at least 4am and played NERF guns, etc.

If I was younger and not pregnant, I probably would've been fine the next day. Unfortunately, even with a decent sleep in and only getting out of bed at 11.30am.. I had to crawl back into bed two hours later and sleep for another 3 hours. Then we had a night out celebrating a friend's birthday on Saturday night and a baptism and lunch the following Sunday.. and then it was back to bed for me again. My entire weekend was wrecked! LOL, soooo tired.

So Moral of the Story is: I'm getting old, and I'm carrying a little baby who is sucking the life out of me - and therefore I really shouldn't have gone to bed at 3am. Oh well, IT WAS FUN!
Hubby's collection of NERF guns.. my birthday present to him. If we have a baby boy he would inherit a cool collection of NERF guns and a cool dad to play them with! :)
At least hubby and his two mates who stayed the night did most of the clean up, I didn't have to do ANY cleaning up other than vacuuming (which I haven't even done, hehe). So happy! :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 17: Posterior Pelvic Pain

In my first 12 weeks of pregnancy, I went through a horrible phase of feeling like a vegetable most of the time and feeling nauseous (especially at night) and some vomiting on my worst days. As I gradually pass the first trimester, I start feeling less nauseous (although I still feel sick every once in a while especially when I'm carsick or hungry) and things generally feel a lot better.

A new problem I'm starting to have though, is a deep pain very low down my spine pretty much deep within my buttocks. The pain is especially bad whenever I get up from the couch (that's what you get for being a couch potato!). So I decided to do some research and found this:

Posterior Pelvic Pain - what a pain. Posterior pelvic pain (PPP) is pain felt at or near the sacroiliac joints of your pelvis as a result of sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Yes, before I got pregnant I wasn't very active. I didn't do much exercise and very minimal sports (I played basketball once a week, I walked some days during lunch break at work and that's about it). And now I feel like I am paying for it. Plus all the hormones my body is currently producing to allow my pelvis to enlarge and prepare for childbirth, and the ever growing uterus, basically everything is stretching at the moment and whatever muscles I do have gets weakened. So now I need to figure out these exercises I should do to help cope with the pain - again the pain comes and goes so it's not always bad. I need to remember to stand up and stretch every hour or so when at work. I need to lie on my side more and less on my back - preferably the left side most books and websites have suggested, I don't really know why. And I need support pillows.

Why can't my husband be my support pillow? :(

Monday, July 11, 2011

Is it a Boy? Or a Girl? You GUESS!

We plan to find out our baby's gender on the 27th of July. But until then, you can guess!

Is it a boy? Or a girl?

The Beginning...

This is a beginning to everything... beginning to a new life creation, beginning of a new blessing, beginning of a new journey ahead for both my husband and I.

I've decided to start this blog for a few reasons:

1) I'm not much a "scrapbook" person. Many mothers keep a scrapbook of their child growing up - after all, it is an amazing journey to watch your own child grow up and the special occasions and milestones. I hate scrapbooking. So I think keeping a blog of all the challenges, the beautiful moments, achievements, milestones, pictures.. would be the best way for me to keep a "diary" of this journey. I might or might not make this blog private as time goes by, we shall see. Depending on what I end up writing on here, whether or not I share "too much" hehe.

2) Blogging is a way of expressing myself - and I already do on my other blogs and - my two current passions in food and photography. I think I will soon find that the passion for both will start to take less of a priority as I go through this motherhood journey, so it only makes sense to start :)

So this is the beginning... today is the 11th of July 2011. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant. Our baby is due on the 21st December 2011. We've already had our first scan at 7 weeks and the heartbeat was strong. Our next scan will be on the 27th July at almost 20 weeks, and yes we plan to find out its gender during this scan!

 A bit of baby bump there but it really doesn't always show yet, depending on how bloated I am for the day!

 First baby toy purchased - a cute little rocking donkey from a garage sale only $5!

So we pray that this journey will continue smoothly. We pray that God blesses us with a healthy baby and we are thankful each day for this gift :)