Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Magnetize Your Entire Wall with Zilvara

Introducing our Magnetic Activity Wall for Interactive Play and Magnetic Display

If you are anything like me, your entire fridge is covered with magnets - I personally have a collection of fridge magnets from places I have visited (or souvenirs from other people from places they've visited) as well as photos... lots and lots of photos mostly from my Instagram account and converted into magnetic squares. Anyway, my point is... eventually, and very quickly, I have completely run out of fridge space for my magnets. 

As for my kids, they love playing with the magnets on the fridge... but I don't particularly like that they are playing in the kitchen! I also don't have enough "fun things" for them to actually play with... let alone the space for them to play. If only I could turn a whole wall into a giant magnetic play wall...

(And this... is the "AHA!" moment...)

This has been a major reason why I was motivated to develop this product with my business partner and husband. So, I can finally introduce to the world our range of Magnetic Wall / Frame products with MagReceptives to go on it for fun, interactive play for the kids and also serves the purpose of a great wall display solution!

Our concept is pretty simple. We offer custom sizable self adhesive magnetic sheets that can go directly on your wall - or if you prefer a more portable magnetic "board" we have magnetic frames available as an option.

We offer custom sizable self adhesive magnetic sheets that can go directly on your wall.
We have set up a prototype in our own home to test the product on our own kids and their friends :)
And then, we have developed a whole range of MagReceptives and activity packs that can be placed on the magnetic walls / frames. These MagReceptives are basically a magnet-attachable printable film - they are not magnetic on their own (ie they will not stick to a fridge / whiteboard) but they will stick to a magnet. They are printable, and therefore we have heaps of options when it comes to offering background scenes to go on your magnetic wall and also activity packs.

The activity packs are printed onto the MagReceptives and then cut to shape and will stick onto a magnet. They are designed to be used on our Magnetic Frames or easily placed onto a Magnetic Wall (or a background scene on a Magnetic Wall) for the purpose of interactive play.

MagReceptives are non-toxic, lightweight, flexible, attachable to magnets, easily removed and reusable.

Example of one of our Dress Up Girl Activity Packs. See more Activity Packs here:
Example of one of our Dinosaur Pack MagReceptive:
How a MagReceptive Background / Scene is easily attached to a Magnetic Frame. The magnetic sheet is attached to a solid board, and then framed onto an IKEA Fiskbo frame. These magnetic play frames are available in three different sizes and 5 different colours (subject to IKEA availability):

Whilst we have many Activity Packs to choose from on our website (, MagReceptives are also great for printing photos so please email if you have a custom order which requires custom prints on MagReceptives so you can display your photos on a Magnetic Wall or Magnetic Frame.

This has personally brought so much joy to my household - the fact that it's on the wall just means that it is incredibly space saving and keeps the mess off the ground - plus they are a lot less messy compared to a chalkboard or drawing board.. and the activities can easily be changed each day. I hope to bring the same joy to your family and your household - and we absolutely welcome your feedback so please feel free to send us an email with your thoughts and suggestions.

Please bear with us as we continue to add more and more products to our website each day. Our aim is to offer a wide range of activity packs, reward charts, educational and learning activities and fun for all ages. In the mean time, please feel free to browse our website and see what we already have on offer :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Why Use Wall Decals?

Firstly, what are wall decals? To put it quite simply - a wall decal is basically a vinyl sticker that is applied to a wall or other smooth surface for decoration and informational purposes. Wall decals are usually cut to shape, and can range from a simple small text / wordings to more complex murals covering entire walls.

There are so many advantages to using wall decals:

  1. Great DIY home decorating option - these vinyl stickers are generally quite easy to apply and they allow personal creativity in home decoration without any damage to the walls.
  2. They look amazing - when done properly and purchased from a quality wall decal maker, these wall decals instantly "pop" and stand out. They generally bring life to a room or wallspace.
  3. Affordable - especially when it comes to decorating a nursery for a new baby, families don't usually plan to spend a lot of money on interior wall decor. Wall decals offer a wide range of design and sizes so you may choose something that will suit your budget.
  4. Versatile and Long Lasting - vinyl stickers last a long time and are not easily damaged. They are waterproof and they don't lose its adhesiveness. A good wall sticker would generally last up to 5 - 7 years, depending on the conditions. An outdoor wall sticker will generally last up to 3 years.

Decals can be used on windows, walls or tiles as branding, advertising or decoration. They can also serve as a tool to inform people that there is a glass door or window.

To see more wall decals, please visit - or if you require anything custom made, please email us at

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wall Decals... everywhere!

The perks of owning your very own large format printer and the means to make your own wall decals? You start putting up stuff on your wall everywhere around the house! Hehe we are having lots of fun, plus it is good to test our products and make sure they look good on walls and are of the high quality we promised our customers.

"Home Sweet Home" word art cut on black vinyl placed just near our front entrance hallway right outside our production room.
Panda height chart! Looks AMAZING on our wall. Kids love it, and great use of little wall space outside Silver's bedroom.

Enoch's own little custom creation as a motivational reminder for us, placed right above our money making machines aka large format printer lol.
At the rate we are going, pretty soon every single wall space will be covered in some form of wall art... lol. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! xo Kim.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Soft Launch of Zilvara

Firstly, I would like to apologise for my absense from the blogging world.

Secondly, I know you will forgive me because not only am I still a full-time stay home mom, I have also been working on this startup business! Thankfully, my husband is in this with me. He has been at home, working on this with me for the past month.. and it has been a crazy hectic month of production testing, designing, copywriting, planning, more planning and business coaching and more planning, and strategising, and FINALLY we launched some of our products to the world last week.

Here is our official blurb:

Zilvara is a Melbourne based printing startup company specializing in offering themed wall decals for your home or custom wall art for your business.

We use high quality vinyl stickers for our wall decal products designed to last longer and not lose its adhesiveness over time. They are all fully removable and will not damage your surfaces.

We will also be offering a magnetic wall base product which include additional activity based packs. These activity packs will encourage kids’ creativity and take them away from “screen time” by allowing them to engage in pretend play using characters and props. It makes learning fun and interactive by offering puzzles and educational activity packs, as well as offer parents an efficient use of space within their homes by offering kids activity solutions that are easily mountable on any smooth and clean wall surfaces. The magnetic wall base will also be made available in framed / board options in smaller sizes for the flexibility and portability.

For businesses, we offer a brilliant solution for custom interchangeable signage using our printable receptive on the magnetic wall base. If you own a business which requires promotional displays or information signage to change on a regular basis, we have the perfect solution. Contact us to schedule a demonstration.

We pride ourselves in offering these quality products and ensure customer satisfaction is our main priority.

So we have been pretty tied up... managing our Social Media accounts (and I still haven't even gotten some other Social Media accounts set up / active other than Facebook.. will get there), putting together a marketing kit with all the information and product brochures / flyers required to go to market harder... production is going for some prototypes for our magnetic wall product, constantly adding new products and designs onto our Etsy shop, at the same time working towards having our own website.

The list is endless!!

Starting a business is hard work, running a business is hard work, but at the end of the day you end up with the fruits of your hard labour you can be proud of. We are very new, still lots to do and plenty more steps before we get there.. but baby steps, we will get there!

So please... if you haven't already, please Like us on Facebook and check out our Etsy shop on and see if there is anything you like!

Or, if you require a custom quote for any wall decor projects - please email

Monday, April 18, 2016

Funtastic Bunchems - you literally bunch em little bunchems!

Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post review brought to you by Nuffnang and Funtastic.

My kids went crazy as they created some pretty crazy bunchem characters!
As a stay at home parent, I am always looking out for fun things to do with my kids and hopefully keep them entertained long enough to stay away from the screens! My kids love crafting, but whenever there is paint or crayons or playdoh involved, things just always get so messy! Also, chances are the little one will go running off, away from the craft table, and start scribbling or tracking mess everywhere else around the house. It gets pretty frustrating dealing with the mess!

Then came along these Bunchems. They are literally what they are called - furry "burr" like plastic spheres that you can bunch together and they would just amazingly stick to each other. No glue, no mess. That already gets my tick of approval.. so let's test them on the kids and see what they think.

Silver quietly observes the instructions and sample creations like she is so grown up, lol.
The Bunchems Mega Pack comes with over 400+ pieces of furry spheres with accessories - and a little booklet with examples of what you can create. The beauty of it though is the freedom to create anything you like. I love that this encourages my kids to be creative and use their imaginations to make anything they can think of, even if it appears to be a normal bunch of bunchems with random colours (to them it looks like a dinosaur and they play with it) - after all my kids are only 4 and 2 hehe. Either way, the pack has everything we need to get started and keep busy for hours.

Micah's T-rex fighting my little monster... I think his T-rex obviously won.

Bunchems is recommended for kids ages 4+ but I find with supervision, even my little one can have fun with it. The texture of the product itself is great for sensory play - and surprisingly quite solid and not easily "destroyed". They do tend to stick to hair, so keep them away from their heads!

Simple creations made crazy using the accessories included in the pack.
Some cool creations with the help of mummy.
 The accessories are securely fastened onto the furballs so they won't fall off easily.

Accessories have a 4-point nail which attaches securely to the holes in the plastic furballs.
Once securely connected to a bunchem, use them on your creations to sparkle and dazzle em!

Overall, I love it. These things are great! They tick all the boxes when it comes to having fun, engaging with my kids and encouraging creativity. Like most things that are little, it is best to supervise their play when little kids are involved to avoid any swallowing incidents. Thankfully, my Silver Grace has grown out of that phase of putting things in her mouth, but still.. you can never be too careful! Besides, the kids love it when I sit down and partipate in activities such as this with them. I love watching them create things and then having pretend play. I must say I enjoy creating cute little Bunchem monsters myself! (If I can get my kids to spare me a few of em bunchem balls... lol)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

My Day Without Kids

Melbourne Airport at 6am
Yesterday, I flew up to Brisbane for the day to attend Visual Impact 2016 - a printing industry expo - to do research for our business as well as to establish some connections and talk to experienced people and just do some networking in general. Enoch took the day off so he could look after the kids.

My day started ridiculously early. My alarm was set to go off at 4.15am and I found myself awake at 2am (checked the time) and again at 3.15am and finally up at 4.10am and decided to just lie in bed awake until my alarm went off, lol.

By the time I was showered and dressed, I was out the door by 4.50am.

I arrived at the airport at 5.45am and was waiting around at the terminal by 6am because I have already check-in online and had no baggage to drop off.

My flight was at 7am, so I had a coffee and some breakfast before going to the boarding gate.

The flight was on time and I arrived in Brisbane at 9.10am, hopped into a taxi and arrived at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre by 9.45am.

The expo featured the latest technology in printing equipment, material and media, and other printing solutions - exhibitors include manufacturers (Australian as well as from overseas), distributors and some specialized family businesses. 
The expo was scheduled to open at 10am but there were already a lot of visitors waiting outside the exhibition hall. I had a very productive day at the expo. I spoke to a lot of people - mostly salesmen who were trying to convince me their printer is the best... but also some suppliers and distributors of materials and media, and a handful of business advisors who were so kind to spare their time and pass on some wisdom for little ol' me who is very new to the industry and just starting this journey into owning her own business.

I had lunch at a local cafe across the road. I figured I was only by myself for the day and wanted to have a decent meal someplace nice and not just grab a quickie sandwich at the exhibition hall cafeteria. The cafe had great coffee and my burger was absolutely delicious!

After a wonderfully peaceful lunch on my own, I went back to the expo and talked to more people and gathered more info and attended an advertising workshop.

After a few more hours I decided I have had enough and collected all the information I needed and physically cannot talk to another human being anymore lol. So I ventured further down the road and took some photos around Southbank and enjoyed the beautiful views of Brisbane for half an hour before hailing another taxi back to Brisbane airport. 

Beautiful Brisbane city :)

The market was just finishing up and Southbank beach was gorgeous!
I am glad I managed to do a mini tourist walk, Queensland is absolutely beautiful. I loved Cairns while I was there last year, and now I love Brisbane too.

I was back at the airport by 5pm and my flight wasn't until 6.30pm so I sat down at Roll'd and enjoyed a quiet, peaceful dinner. Actually, maybe it wasn't so quiet and peaceful, because I ended up talking to the person sitting right next to me! Too much adult conversation in one day, not sure what to do with myself!

Crispy Chicken Ribs from Roll'd.. after I have already devoured two rice paper rolls, I was SO hungry!
I was still pumped, my brain was too busy thinking and planning and strategising, I gained so much in one day, and my mind was full of ideas I had to write them all down before I forgot them! I did not even sleep on the flight back home (I scribbled on my notepad.. so many notes) even though I was clearly physically tired from being awake since 4am. The physical tiredness is different compared to caring for children, it wasn't as physically demanding.. I did not have to do anything for anyone else for the day and only had to look after myself. It was a really good day, the kind of day I need every once in a while to inspire me to do something for myself.

I missed my kids though.

They were in good hands though!

Enoch apparently took parenting to the next level for the day. He did the kinder drop off and pick up, he went grocery shopping, he took Silver to a music class, AND he entertained some guests for dinner! What. the. heck?! Is my husband better than me at this staying home with the kids thing??

Well, I am glad he was good at it - because I am hoping this business we are building together will take off and be successful and then we will not only share the business load but also the parenting duties a lot more!

So much to do this week, all the follow ups and purchasing decisions we need to make. We need to buy the equipment, stock up some material and media, create a working space at home, build our website, create / outsource designs, keep working on our business planning and strategy, etc. All this while trying our best not to neglect our kids, lol. It is difficult to neglect them though, they are very convincing when it comes to wanting attention... they will not stop hassling until you stop what you're doing and give them the attention.

I think I have figured out a schedule that works, I hope. I have set aside times during the day which works best to be able to work peacefully for a solid block of an hour or two, as well as set aside times that are specifically for blogging, chores and kid related duties like preparing meals, laundry, cleaning, entertaining them with an activity, playdates, etc. Trust me, my daily schedule is FULL. I have even scheduled set times to rest and do nothing, that necessary 30-minute break just to recharge and have a cuppa and refocus.

In other news, my Facebook Photo Book arrived yesterday while I was away - so excited and so happy with it! Thank you, Pastbook!

Took some photos of the kids today - just thought they were cute and wanted to post them on here, hehe.

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Casey Central - that new shopping centre ;)

Photo Credit: Daniel Boyle
Ladies and perhaps some gents, there are many reasons why I love living in Australia. I love the weather, the people, the schools and medical facilities, the beautiful walking tracks and family friendly parks... just to name a few reasons. Quite possibly most of all, I love being a suburban mum and having access to some pretty amazing everyday shops. I am not even talking about a grand shopping mall or anything... just the normal local supermarket and mini shopping centres. I love that I only need to drive a few minutes down the road from my house and have everything I will ever need in one location. I love my suburb, and I love my suburban shops hehe.

Living in Berwick, my main shopping centre for weekly groceries have always been Eden Rise shopping centre. I shop at Coles and kids sometimes play at the playground. Sometimes, we have lunch at Nando's or check out what's on Special at ALDI.

For more variety, I would go to Fountain Gate Shopping Centre. This is when I have to not only do my grocery shopping at Coles, but also seafood shopping at the fish shop, fruit and vegetable shopping at Fountain Gate Fruit & Veg shop, get some fresh meat from the butcher, maybe grab a few things e.g. presents, homeware etc from Kmart or Target, and general browsing. Kids would sometimes play at one of the few play areas within the mall or just the little play corner in the Parents Rooms after a nappy change or toilet break.

Now, there is nothing wrong with any of the two above mentioned shopping centres... except, Eden Rise lacks the variety and Fountain Gate is too big and hectic and rather exhausting to walk around because everything is so far away from each other.

Photo Credit:

Last month, the newly renovated all improved Casey Central shopping centre officially re-opened and many friends have told me how amazing it was. Casey Central is about the same distance from my house as Eden Rise (in the opposite direction), or possibly just a minute further away.

I haven't been able to check it out earlier because life has been hectic - and the thought just hasn't crossed my mind to go anywhere else but my usual shops. However, I decided to check it out today because school holidays are over (so it should be less busy) and now that it has been open for a few weeks I was hoping there would be smaller crowds.

So after I dropped Micah off at kinder this morning, myself and Silver went for a bit of a shopping expedition. Here's a quick rundown of what I thought:

  • Parking - at 9.30am, it was super easy to find parking. I was parked at a Parents with Pram spot within seconds of arriving. No hassle at all.
  • Walking distance - very much tolerable. Unlike Fountain Gate, everything I need and like are close to each other and we didn't have to walk very far to get to where we want to be.
Photo Credit: Daniel Boyle
  • Fruit and Veg shop - amazing! Unlike Fountain Gate fruit and veg shop which is super cramped and small and I barely manage to walk around with kids in my trolley as space is so limited, the fruit and veg shop at Casey Central has wide open space and makes it so easy for me to move around even with a trolley. Selection-wise, pretty much the same as any other good Fruit and Veg shop. I had some special things on my list - eg. okra and silken tofu and they had them! No complaints here.
Silver happily sits on the trolley as I do my grocery shopping at Coles Casey Central
  • Coles - beautifully laid out, super high ceilings, wide open space, great shopping experience. The only thing missing is the Mix clothing range and homeware stuff and toys etc that Coles Eden Rise have. So, it is a smaller Coles selling less variety but who needs the clothes and toys and homeware etc when Target is just a few shops away!
  • Fish & Meat - The Fish Pier has decent selection of seafood, however they do NOT have my usual pack of Salmon Belly & Bones that FG sells for $5 a pack... so that's a small disappointment. Butcher is decent, but Fountain Gate still has a bigger selection and possibly better prices.
Photo Credit: Casey Central Facebook Page

  • Playground - great playground! Highly secure as you can only access the playground through a door from inside the shopping centre and kids cannot escape. However, this may be a small inconvenience as there isn't a gate allowing access to the playground from outside the shopping centre. Either way, I am happy with the playground. It is new, it is clean and it has great activities for kids to play happily for a decent amount of time. Plenty of seats for parents to sit down and rest in between shopping errands.
I have not yet checked out Target or Aldi or any of the other shops at Casey Central, but my first impression has been quite a positive one. I think I can easily be persuaded to switch my weekly shopping centre to Casey Central - provided I come on a weekday and early enough during the day to avoid big crowds. I can see how easily it could get busy on weekends. Parking might even be an issue on weekends.

Overall, very impressive. So many shops and restaurants and takeaway options - some of my favorites ChinaBar. Wok'd, Grill'd, everything from fish n chips to charcoal chicken to pizza to Indian.. you name it, Casey Central probably has got it! Lots of cafes for your caffeine fix because obviously Australia is so huge on the coffee drinking culture, boutique shops, and so many more.. check out the full list of stores here.